The Voices of Hope

"Be the light that spreads hope. Be the hand that aids those in need. Do not dwell on the darkness of the world, for even a taste can cloud the heart and overwhelm it. When hope dies, be the one to reignite its spark, for this will usher in a new life for your people. May all who hold the dawn in their hearts be a beacon of life when the nights grow cold. Do not fear the end, for all things will be reborn in time. Above all, have faith in yourself; have faith in the strength of the individual. Be assured by the knowledge that even in times where all feels lost, one voice of hope can challenge the end."
— The dogma of Nhaderys, the New Dawn
The Voices of Hope are a subsect in the Church of Dawn, the primary order of the goddess Nhaderys, the New Dawn.

Hope and Heart

The Voices of Hope travel far and wide, alongside other sects of the Church of Dawn, the Dawnmender Accord and Dawnwardens, spreading their gift of healing the heart and soul. Also known as Dawnsingers, these brilliant souls channel their radiant magic through their voices.   An order of peace, the Voices of Hope spend great lengths of time in war-torn regions mending broken hearts and restoring morale to people who have had their lives and homes broken or destroyed through the bloodshed of wars and other conflicts. They do so, never pushing their faith on anyone, save by good example and displays of devotion.
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Alternative Names
The Dawnsingers

Cover image: Choir by Jeno Remsey


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