SummerCamp 2022 | Bridging the Gap

Let's pull things together a bit, shall we? We have a lot of work to do!
  Welcome to yet another year of WorldAnvil SummerCamp! This makes year four of SummerCamp for Malkora!

Pre-Camp Thoughts

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In last year's SummerCamp, the Iskani took center stage as the primary common link between the articles I'd write. This year, the goal is to draw links between the articles I already have, and to bridge the gaps with new content where needed.   I imagine this will include writing new regions to fill out my maps, creating new cities and ethnicities to populate them and interact with one another, and to find ways to link all of the seemingly random prompt-submission articles I've written over the years.

Reflections: Slowly Coming Together

I set out on this year's SummerCamp with one goal: fill in the gaps in my content! Looking back on my work done during the event, I think I can confidently say that I made a good start on that goal! There are, of course, still many loose ends, gaps, and maybe even some new ones added in along the way, but a lot of early concepts got written in and fleshed out throughout the process!   The continent of Nefyran seems to be the one I selected as my primary base of operations, and I think will involve the bulk of my worldbuilding for quite some time. I wrote a lot of new content for Nefyran, and I've also caused myself to add some rewrites to my list of tasks, as I've moved around quite a few of my earlier regions around to fit a new vision of my world.   Either way, I'm coming out of this SummerCamp with ideas galore.
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Game Masters: Know all of the secrets!
Players: Learn through exploration!
Focusing on continuity over breadth for the time being. Let's make connections.
SummerCamp 2022 Theme
Bridging the Gap
Topics Covered
Regions (Bolkan, Undmar, Earthen Kingdoms), Ethnicities, Faiths, Deities, World History (Conflicts), Cities & Settlements

2022 Prompts and Articles

Because I may delete the articles I make during SummerCamp in the future to consolidate information, I won't be using article blocks in this document. I'll just be placing the titles and descriptions here so that I can track what I've made for the event, whether the articles continue to exist or not!
Day 01
Bolkan | Location
Known for its constant volcanic activity and volatile environment, few choose to journey through this land, much less make it their home.

An ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension, or other large expanse
Day 02
Ashen Cloister | Organization
A cult found among the Bexarem. Worshiping the Divine Ash, this cult works tirelessly to bring respite to its home in which the sun never sets.

A religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon
Day 03
Granite Eft | Species
A skittish drakora found in the volcanic plains of Bolkan. Rare sights in the region, but a favorite sighting for the local Bolkhyn people.

A species that survives in an unlikely place

Day 04
Ashrunner | Vehicle
A class of modestly-sized merchant vessels designed for travel through hot murky waters to the east of Bolkan.

A vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
Day 05
Enkana | Settlement
a settlement in northern Bolkan housing many Bexarem, south of the mountains which stand between their region and Everbright.

A settlement beside or in a great expanse
Day 06
Eftbulbs | Material
Known also as ambergum, a potent, sweet reagent harvested in Bolkan from the florets of the hoary trunkroot.

A material only harvestable from nature

Day 07
Bexarem | Ethnicity
The Bexarem are a small population residing in Bolkan's northern reaches, seemingly bound to reside there as long as they may live.

A culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse
Day 08
Kamini Sweetmeats | Tradition
A dish of assorted candies and treats of different flavors, often pastries and dried local fruits and vegetables, sweetened with ambergum.

A food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world
Day 09
Kamigon | Settlement
Capital city of Bolkan, known by some as "The City of Black Glass." A city in which the guilds rule and crafters are king.

A settlement that leads the known world in something

Day 10
Seething Primal Insurrection | Conflict
A civil conflict, sparked by territorial primals, which arose in and gravely threatened Kamigon in its earliest days as a growing city.

A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership
Day 11
Blackglass Guildhall | Building
The base of operations of the Blackglass Consortium in Kamigon and houses Bolkan's most renowned and influential crafters' guilds.

A building associated with governance, leadership or change
Day 12
Blackglass Consortium | Organization
A Bolkhyn business collective comprised of Kamigon's premier tradecraft guilds, and a socioeconomic power for the whole of Bolkan.

An organization associated with governance, leadership or change

Day 13
Glasscrafter, Bolkhyn | Profession
A renowned profession in the region of Bolkan, especially in Kamigon, where the glasscrafters' guild dominates the trades.

A profession associated with leaders in your world
Day 14
Flamespeaker | Title
A title bestowed upon members of Kamigon's Speakers' Council, governing the city alongside representatives from the Blackglass Consortium.

A title that commands respect from those in the know
Day 15
Akara Gon'sa | Character
The leader of the Blackglass Consortium, and former high grandmaster and leader of the Bolkhyn glasscrafters' guild.

A great leader of their people

Day 16
Smothering Rites | Ritual
A set of rituals performed by the Ashen Cloister, within the Altar of the Divine Ash, in the initiation of new devoted members.

A tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone
Day 17
Echo | Settlement
A large isolated and long-lost settlement located deep underground, far beneath the Earthen Kingdoms.

A settlement that was lost or discovered
Day 18
Gilded Reef | Geography
An expansive coral reef off the southern coast of Undmar, jealously guarded by the Tilbari who derive their livelihoods from it.

An astonishing natural wonder

Day 19
Plumeballast | Species
A beast seen only as a myth; a large and sturdy drakora found underground in volcanic regions, primarily Bolkan.

A recently discovered, or rediscovered, species
Day 20
Gaelena's Hold | Item
A relic of the New Dawn linked to her champion, Saint Gaelena, given to the city of Eletta by the Church of Dawn.

A lost or discovered artifact of significance or power
Day 21
Earthenward | Technology
Large structures created by the progenitors of the Earthen Kingdoms which ward against powerful magic-draining effects.

A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery

Day 22
Altar of the Divine Ash | Landmark
An ornate altar located in northern Bolkan dedicated to the patron goddess of Enkana, who is commonly referred to as the Ashen Divine.

A lost or discovered monument
Day 23
Sylviro Halder | Character
A Boharin adventurer and healer, known for traveling the world several times over, in search of new discoveries and adventures.

An explorer, researcher or other character motivated by discovery
Day 24
Log of the Echo | Document
An ancient journal and travel log kept in the archives of Echo, believed to have been kept by the founder(s) of the caverns they call home.

A travel log or other document associated with discovery

Day 25
Yellowfoot Stinger | Species
A small reptile found in Bolkan known for its territorial aggression and for its bite, which has a near guaranteed infection rate.

A species considered monstrous by some
Day 26
Tales of Fogstone | Myth
A collection of myths and tales about creatures who hide within stones, told among the people of Lithica in the Earthen Kingdoms.

A myth or urban legend about a "monster”
Day 27
Stonemarking | Ritual
A cultural ritual of painting the environment, performed by the people of Lithica to ward off creatures of Fogstone.

A tradition which keeps monsters or bad luck away

Day 28
Heatrot | Condition
A condition common to Bolkan developed from deeply infected animal bites, which withers and melts flesh when left untreated.

A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some
Day 29
Yulrori Umbralists | Organization
An umbralin cult of the shadow seeking to expand their reach through manipulation of the Leyline of Oblivion, found in the region of Yulrorim.

An organization considered cruel or monstrous by some
Day 30
Meradi Reza | Person
A Tilbari state-sanctioned pirate and "monster" of the Gilded Reef, known for eliminating foreign vessels with great prejudice.

A person considered villainous or monstrous

Day 31
Font of Oblivion | Artifact
A lost artifact of the ancient Yulrorim said to have spurred the emergence of the leyline of oblivion in the region.

An artifact that embodies a hideous or monstrous idea

Conspiracy Board

Understand the depth of my madness by peering into this whiteboard! See all of the connections made by my SummerCamp submissions to past and potential future articles!

Thanks for checking out my work! If you're interested in seeing even more, perhaps from past or future events, see the articles linked below!

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Thanks so much! I keep thinking of more things to slap onto that board as time passes and that's just a whole mess of moving and rearranging things! But it's so cool to have a visual of where all of my ideas connected during the event through my articles :)

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