Seeker's Burnout

My head hurts, but I can't stop now. Who knows when I may see this set of notes again? I have to return them in but a few hours!   But... I've read the words on the page over and over again, for hours now. Nothing will stick, not a single thing. Surely, if I keep trying, I... I...
— Overworked Scholar
  Seeker's burnout is a condition which afflicts those who seek the secrets of the world's history and magics without pause or rest, which renders them incabable of further study until recovery is sustained.

Beyond Burnout

Burnout is something that most students and scholars experience, surely. However, seeker's burnout is far more than the simple, common effects of overworking oneself and burning out; this is a proper mental ailment, of a magical nature, which takes hold when one pushes far beyond the point of common burnout. This often afflicts those who overstudy magic, in addition to other knowledge.

Magic in the Mix

As the stress of ordinary burnout takes hold, the body and mind are naturally weakened, leaving one vulnerable to negative magical effects. The most common symptoms at the onset of seeker's burnout are:  
  • Foggy / cloudy mind
  • Pounding headache
  • Reduced ability to focus
  • Reduced ability to retain new information
  • Mild hallucinations
  •   Those who permit the seeker's burnout to advance begin to see less stable mental function and capacity, and a complete inability to continue their studies, no matter how determined they are to do so.

    Take a Break

    The only known cure for seeker's burnout is relaxation and giving the mind a rest. It is much easier to prevent the condition than it is to try and sleep it off, and those who allow themselves to fall fully into the burnout often need to take breaks much longer than they would like, in order to feel well again.   Many have tried, with minimal success, to develop medical and alchemical solutions that may help push away or cure this ailment, without requiring rest. Though these scholars are persistent in this quest, they ought to realize one day that their efforts are better placed in their studies and proper rest than in chasing a magical cure.
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    Game Masters: Know all of the secrets!
    Players: Learn through exploration!
    Those who seek knowledge, unrelenting, and without pause, do so at their own risk.
    Mental Illness (Temporary)
    Recovery Rate
    Extremely High

    Bane of the Valsheri
    This condition exists anywhere magic is studied en masse, the most prominent example being among the Valsheri who reside within the Nimai capitol in The Hearthwood. The studious Valsheri devote their lives to study, and many say they could devour entire libraries of ancient tomes and magics, had their fervor not been throttled by the threat of being halted by this condition.

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