Plumerat Trainer

Plumerats may be a common pest, but you will find that breeding and training them introduces you to a side of them you never thought of. Full of personality, they are. And... yes. Part of that personality means sometimes the snacks you thought you hid well were simply not hidden well enough.   Oh, I can't stay mad at them.
— Jeynar, Plumerat Trainer
  Plumerat trainers are those who breed and train greater plumerats to find rare reagents in the region Bolkan.

Careful Hands, Care for the Land

Plumerats are known to be very finicky creatures. Therefore, it takes a very careful and knowledgable hand to properly train them to do search work, or to even obey commands in the first place. Trainers often get their start by finding wild plumerats in and around Bolkan's open lava pools in the outer scorched plains and forming their own farm compounds specially designed for housing and maintaining the creatures.   The primary purpose of training these rats is to locate a number of specific reagents which are difficult to find in number without tearing up the already scarred landscape. As the rats are trained not only to locate, but to fetch as well, they often save their trainers the hassle of attempting to pull their hauls directly from beneath lava floes.

Dedicated Workers

Though the utilization of plumerats in seeking reagents in the wild is less common than it used to be, there are many who endeavor to keep this tradition alive. Once a common profession, its prevalence has dipped since more sustainable and profitable professions became better known and widespread within the region. It is not a very lucrative profession to begin with, and is one looked down upon by some. Training the rats themselves takes a great deal of time and investment, and not all who train the rodents are those who gather and sell the reagents they target. Trainers often bond with these creatures, which turns their work into a passion in due time.   Of course, no good worker goes unpaid, and so each success earns a hard-working plumerat their fair share of any edible root they assist in pulling up, or any equally enticing snack when simply training.
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It takes a great deal of skill and patience to turn a pest into a dedicated hard worker.
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