It's a comical sight, really. A squeamish boy dances around his home while a rat-catcher dances close behind, a plumerat in between them! I'm sure the boy would sooner trap and kill it, and spare himself the embarassment.   But they're quite the valuable creatures in the right hands, y'know.
— Bolkhyn Merchant
  Plumerats are rodents native to Bolkan, often found in the wild near open pools of lava.

Heat Loving Pests

Ask any native to Bolkan and they will tell you that plumerats are hardier than they have any right to be, and are too smart for their own good. These small- to mid-sized rodents are common sights in the outdoors, and though they love to make their homes close to lava pools, they are no strangers to inviting themselves into people's homes to forage for poorly-hidden food stores.

Powerful Sniffers

Though these rats are common pests to most, they are valuable assets in the hands of trainers who mold them into the perfect creatures for sniffing out rare reagents. They are often bred in specialized compounds, leaving little demand for wild-caught plumerats, but there are yet some trainers who will opt to train wild rats they rescue from pest-control scenarios, in the hopes they may find a better life than one ended at the snap of a trap.   It is because of this powerful nose that they are so skilled in finding food in the wild, and in finding reagents for their masters, if trained. In the case of trained rats, the targets they seek are a number of rare plant reagents which are difficult to find without either tearing up the landscape or searching in dangerous or tedious places. For their hard work, they are paid off by being permitted small chunks of what they find, while the rest is taken by the trainers themselves.
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