It felt like warm sunlight washed over our home as the Dawnwardens marched into view. They kept watch at our gates, as the Dawnmender Accord tended to our wounded, and the Voices of Hope sang in their illustrious hymns. At last, the sun was rising on our home.   Under their banners, I knew we were safe from further harm.
— Recount from the city of Eletta, previously under siege
  The Dawnwardens are a militaristic subsect of the Church of Dawn, the primary order of the goddess Nhaderys, the New Dawn. Being that the Church of Dawn is an order of peace and compassion, the Dawnwardens are largely utilized as a defensive force, as opposed to an offensive one.

Light in the Dark

The banner of the Dawnwardens is a welcome sight in regions beset by wars and violence, as the Dawnwardens bring with them the promise of defense, shelter, and healing to those who suffer at the hands of others. A well-trained force, the Dawnwardens specialize in defense and peacekeeping, seeking resolutions that do not end in bloodshed where possible, but are prepared to fight where needed.   The Church of Dawn has enough footholds on the continent of Nefyran that the Dawnwardens are often able to respond to conflicts throughout the land fairly consistently, and with haste, but no organization is infallible and many smaller conflicts do slip through the cracks.
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Hope is a Group Endeavor

The Dawnwardens rarely work alone, often bringing with them wherever they go a party of their sister sects: the Dawnmender Accord and the Voices of Hope. These three highly specialized sects of the Church of Dawn each do their part to help people where they can, and their work never seems to end.

Conflict Resolution

This sect of the Church of Dawn makes conflict resolution its mission, taking the side of victims of violence while seeking an end to violent conflicts. The Dawnwardens were a major player in the The Siege of Eletta, where they assisted in defending the city of Eletta from siege by Kintelen.

Cover image: Choir by Jeno Remsey


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