Cult of the Hooked Dagger

There is no shield which can spare the mind from the sheer force of unbridled cruelty.
— The Word of Pokorid
  The Cult of the Hooked Dagger is a cult made up of worshipers of the Deadmurk god Pokorid, the Taskmaster.

Cruel Cultists

The Cult of the Hooked Dagger is a torturous cult which lurks in the darkest corners of the world, aiming to spread the influence of the dark pantheon. Known for their terrible tools and weaponry, designed to break and torture prisoners, they induct new members into their cult by subjugating victims to the point that they "willingly" take the mantle of cultist themselves and continue the work of their captors. Their base of operations is thus unknown. Many offshoots exist, all with the same goal of subjugation and control. Ever since the dawn of the era, many assumed the darkness in the realm had disappated in full. It has always held out, in the end, beneath cloaks of shadow and death.

A Growing Darkness

Many forget, that shadow is pervasive, dark, and waiting in every corner for a chance to rise again, and rule the world as it did during the calamity. These cults are only one example of it. Though the Deadmurk pantheon of gods holds very little kindness in its ranks regardless, Pokorid is among the worst of them all.
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A cult of subjugation, and a dark mark on the world no one seems to know about.
Pokorid, the Taskmaster

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