Atreimus, the Purifier

The moment came where I felt it, that dreaded it, that final breath from my trembling core which I knew would be my last.   In those final moments, I envisioned in my mind's eye a better fate, one less cruel, where I could lift my sword arm again and continue my fight.   Atreimus must have been watching over me that day, for when I opened my eyes again, my vision was reality.
— Survivor of the Keening War
  Atreimus, also known as The Purifier, is the god of protection and light. He is seen as an enforcer of good, and is the patron god of all who take up arms against forces of evil to defend their homes.  


The Purifier is a god worshiped primarily by Boharin, though his influence did reach all races in Malkora over time. The largest concentration of Atreiman reside in north-eastern Nefyran in regions such as the Kingdom of Arsavela.  


The Alabaster Hand is an order formed in the earliest days of the humanoid resurgence as a means of defending its people with the blessing of Atreimus.  


"Show no mercy to the forces of evil. Do not permit threats to your home to remain therein. Do not wait for your hand to be forced, for it will sooner be lopped off in your idleness. Stand and fight when death knocks at your door, for if you can fight you will know your time has yet to come.   May all who bear my symbol strike deep into the heart of evil and cast it from their lands. See with more than just your eyes. Be not misguided or deceived by malevolent forces. Be diligent in the care of your beloved; be the protector of all you hold dear. Remember that those who fear the darkness, have never seen what the light is capable of."
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Patron of the defenders, of the protectors, and of those who would do battle with great evils
Divine Domains
Light, Protection, Good
White Weaponry, Silver Flame
Holy Book
Codex of the Purifier

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