Magic Earth (Old)

1st of January 2019

Extracts from the United Nations Magical Security Act, New York, 17th of June 1970   "All magic-users no matter what type of magic they are practising are obliged to register themselves as mages at the nearest police station which is authorized by the local government to administrate the Mage Registry. Each registered magic-user will receive a mage identity card. The only requirement to register is to be a magic-user. A person doesn't need to take any tests. Registered magic-users have certain privileges. They can join the military of their countries as battle mages, work as magic specialists in law enforcement, enrol at magic academies and run for magic related public offices."   "Crimes committed by registered and unregistered magic-users should be treated the same. The purpose of the registry is not to create a privileged group of magic-users but to make it easier to maintain safety."