Ghostpowder is a peculiar and dangerous material that compose the body of Shadow Monsters. Its live form, particularly hard to handle, is used by shamans and spellists around the Cylinder to perform magic.


Material Characteristics

Ghostpowder consists in a flock of individual, almost invisible ghost cells. Depending on their activity level, these cells present a variety of aspects.   When burned, ghostpowder appears to die, and to lose its activity. It then usually resemble a metallic powder, and it can be used as a hallucinogenic spice. It is however advised to handle it with caution, as ghostpowder is resilient and can retain some activity even after burning.   When it is live, Ghostpowder has a relatively gelatinous texture, due to the physical interaction between its cells. It often tends to move and its own, the cells will tend to gather around an organic source to consume. Because of this behavior, it is advised to handle live Ghostpowder with extreme care, and to use adapted tools.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Properties and organs



Active Ghostpowder is a living material, that consumes organic mater to produce energy. Once a lump of live Ghostpowder reaches the flesh, it immediately starts to consume it, and corrodes the flesh while creating a burning sensation. Although the consuming process is relatively slow, its speed increases when the powder has lacked consumable matter for a while, and when it is a large amounts. What is more, once Ghostpowder has started digging through the flesh, getting rid of the lump is extremely hard, and it is almost impossible to get rid of all the individual cells.   The constant burning sensation felt by shamans and enchanters is one of the reason why a lot of them drug themselves thoroughly with painkilling herbs and hallucinogens.   What is more, live ghostpowder is responding to one's mental state. As a result, it is advised to remain calm, and completely master one's emotions and imagination while manipulating ghostpowder. otherwise, the material may become unmanageable, and start to act as physical manipulation of one's mental state, fears, and hallucinations.


Live ghostpowder is the base component for virtually every enchantment and spell in the Cylinder. Its information storage ability makes it ideal for various computation, while its effect on the environment can be controlled both for destruction and healing of life.

Origin & Source

Ghostpowder is the component of most Shadow monsters, although its properties slightly differ depending on the original source.

Life & Expiration

Once out of consumable matter, love ghostpowder tends to lose activity. It usually takes a few days for it to completely lose its tonus, after which it will start to dissipate and behave similarly to a powder. However, it still can at this point regain destructive activity, although it will most of the time become useless for enchantment.   After one season, the powder usually loses all of its activity.   Burned ghostpowder, however, can retain its hallucinogenic properties for much longer. It usually takes three to four seasons before it starts turning stale.
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