Maana's Cylinder

Thymmer 3, 5556

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Hello !
Take a seat, and a deep breath. Or just sit on the floor, if that suits you better. Welcome to the Cylinder, a fairly odd construction. 5,600 km in circumference and 6,000 km long, inhabited by oh so many cultures and civilizations, it is an interesting place indeed. Some call it an enchanted world, others a stellar megastructure. It may be filled with magic, or simply weird beyond comprehension. People might find a spiritual plane, or couple themselves with a psychological simulation. Communicate with the mysterious ancients, or enhanced beings, that control that world. All of that is just stemantics.
Anyway, the best I can suggest you is to jump in. Learn about Perrots and Condors, read about why the locals avoid the mountains, See how houses are built in a world where light only comes from one direction. Discover Maana's Cylinder, from an internal point of view.