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The Forge Mansion

This is the main building that the player's would likely use in the Galvanized Steppes pocket dimension.

Purpose / Function

Its original purpose to anyone in-game is a little unclear, however one could guess that it was mainly used for some kind of lodging and fabrication purposes.


No alterations have been made to the building thus far. The only thing that would be changed from when it originally came to this pocket dimension would be that it has grown old from age. There are a few things and materials that have avoided the passing of time, but overall the mansion is made of some form of very durable wood and metal.


The style/architecture of this building is a little mixed. The building on the outside can be divided into two main parts: The mix between old Victorian and old Japanese which comprises most of the building Example (likely a little bigger than this), and the type of 'attachment' at the back of the building that is more of a modern (irl modern) looking forge with some magical elements added to it Example (couldn't find one that was like this AND with magical elements). On the right side of the mansion, about 20 feet away, seems to be a type of training ground.   The ground itself seems simple at first glance; just two or three training dummies on sticks that are jutting out of the ground around 40 feet away from the building. If one would look a little more closely, they would see that there is a type of circle surrounding the area, about 50 feet in circumference (the line stops 20 feet away form the building). The circle itself doesn't seem to have anything special to it, it simply looks like a regular black line. The thing about this training ground is that it is connected to the forge inside the building. There are a number of runes on the forge that can have various effects when touched. There are symbols on each individual rune, however no one would be able to discern what language it is (if it's even a language at all).   The runes are separated by category. The ones in the center column of the forge is for the actual construction of magical artifacts. Only Yubanbara knows how to operate those runes and don't activate for anyone but him (needs a type of spiritual energy signature that only Yubanbara has, kind of like DNA scanning). The runes on the left side of the forge is to operate a few things about the mansion. Most on that column don't seem to do much, though one or two still work simply be touching them. One cleans the mansion, another repairs the mansion if damaged, and the last one seems unclear on what it actually does, though it does light up when touched like the others that work. In truth it is supposed to take in any kind of spiritual energy that is nearby' Yubanbara would use it to give extra power to the building and drain some of his own power to keep himself in check. Though it does take extra spiritual energy when it can, the energy used to power the forge and whatever magic/abilities it uses to do what it does, is simply generated by the atmosphere naturally, meaning no one would need to do anything to make the runes/building work. Finally the runes on the right side of the forge control the training grounds where the dummies are. These runes can change what the dummies are made out of, whether wood, straw, metal, some form of energy, etc... and whether they move or not (and how fast). There is a setting where it'll make the dummies attack whoever steps inside the circle, however they will never kill anything that steps inside. The ground have the ability to scan whatever is inside of them, making them able to determine when a person or creature has had enough. There are runes that recover the dummies, make more, or make less.   Every time any of the runes are used (save for the generating/gathering energy one) there is small red arcing lightning that comes out from various sources in the building. This lightning can create things out of nothing (only for repairing), make things disappear (cleaning), and only gives a person/creature a slight shock if one would touch them; it quickly corrects its trajectory and moves out of the way of whatever is obstructing it.   The inside of the mansion is similar to what the outside looks in terms of aesthetics. Ultimately the mansion is actually on the smaller side (in terms of mansions). It has two bathrooms (that don't work), 3 bedrooms that don't seem terribly different from one another though are fairly spacious(one queen bed, one night stand, and one closet in each), an attic, a living room with a few chairs and a couch, a surprisingly small kitchen (could even be considered a kitchenette), a basement that is almost completely empty save for 2 empty crates full of mold, and another room full of tatami mats with a single small office looking desk inside and four big library shelves that are all filled with books and scrolls. These vary from books one would find in real life about various academia subjects such as biology, architecture, physics, philosophy, etc. There are also some books about myths, some compendiums about creatures that no one has ever heard of, scrolls about spiritual energy, chi, things that are called 'ninjutsu', 'Magoi', and numerous other kinds of different kinds of magic and how they theoretically work. Most of the scrolls seem hand written by the same person.


In truth, a type of very powerful Shinigami named Yubanbara made this whole mansion/forge by himself a long time ago in Diagen. In order to try and make his apprentices stronger, he decided to fabricate magical items to hand over to them so he wouldn't have to monitor so many dimensions at once. However, for reasons unclear even to him, the whole building was moved to the pocket dimension Galvanized Steppes. Whether this was done by someone specifically, or simply an abnormality between the two dimensions passing close to each other, no one truly knows. It was no big loss for Yubanbara since he could simply make another one in a short amount of time, meaning he has no need for the old one anymore. No magical artifacts have been left behind, only some regular tools and a few ruins on the forge that restores the training dummies just outside whenever they are damaged to a certain extent.

Alternative Names
Yubanbara's Forge
Mansion / Villa
Parent Location
Galvanized Steppes

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