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Dozens of Characters, Stories, Worlds...

Every so often I write stories that don't just nudge the boundaries of polite society but rather shove the bedroom doors wide open...and occasionally rip them off their hinges.   Okay, okay. I appear to have a lot of those stories. They're all finding their way here, prioritized and requested by Luridity subscribers!  

More than Romance...

The characters in those tales aren't just in it for the sexytimes and fornication... They have other side stories to tell which are not as wild or orgy-fied to go alongside the lurid and luscious things—all of which need settings and cities and planets and well, a place to call home.  

Luridity is for 18+ readers only and features my characters' homes, lives, worlds, & of course: relationships. You'll find plenty of sweet & silly stories alongside the mature stories, erotic romance, regular romance, and--yes, okaaay, also the smut.

Sound Caution!!
Luridity has an official theme song! Before hitting play please note: Soundcloud's player defaults to full volume. Please adjust your audio so you aren't blown away by the sounds of sultry jazz. If you're going to be plastered on the wall by anything/anyone, I'd prefer it not be this particular sensual ambience. ~~Dani :D

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  Much of Luridity's worldbuilding content is available for free, however its stories are not. Luridity is fueled and supported by amazing, lovely patrons who demand more, set the priorities of what they want to read next, suggest new tropes and themes for their favorite characters, and help fill the fridge with groceries so I can keep that worry off my plate and get right back to writing.   If you'd like a say in what stories appear and want access to waaaay more content, please consider joining our Luridity family!