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The Disappearance of the Cait-shìth

Hariel Ward | Flock of Fae Studies, Extermination Division | CIL Scientific Council   Once one of the most numerous of Fae species, the Cait-shìth were among the first to disappear in the breakdown of Fae society that followed the Cataclysm. This short report will compile what little historical information is known about them.   Physiology   Cait-shìth were easily mistaken for the ordinary house cats, which have been kept as pets by Humans for thousands of years now. However, if you knew what to look for, they did have distinctive markings. They were traditionally coal black, with only a single white blaze across the chest, which demarcated their superiority to non-Fae housecats. They were occasionally somewhat larger than house cats, but generally not more than two to three times their size. More intimidating, to be sure, but still just a relatively small cat.   Status in Fae Society   Cait-shìth believed themselves superior to all other species of Fae, but I have not found any evidence that the rest of the Fae considered them at all. In all our reports of Fae political activity, there is little mention of the Cait-shìth taking part. At best, they may have been respected as messengers or guides, as the only species that was able to enter and traverse The Shadows.   Magical Prowess   As mentioned, the Cait-shìth were the sole species capable of traveling The Shadows, which allowed them near-instantaneous travel across Midgard, as well as the ability to open doors into Underhill which none else could access. The CIL is still uncertain if they’re extinct, or if they just retreated to The Shadows en masse to live out their days.
***Note: To date, the CIL has not managed to obtain a Cait-shìth specimen, which is a source of great annoyance to the council. Aside from the scientific value in capturing and studying another Fae species, we are also interested in the potential of these cats to show us heretofore unknown access points into any unconqured pockets of Underhill. If anyone were to obtain a specimen, it would be worth their weight in clout.


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