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Sentencing Excerpt: Kushiel Rutilus

Kushiel Rutilus was a Level Six Flock Leader with the CIL Dominance Division, possessing perfect metrics and a higher than average clout balance. He commanded a small team of elite reconnaissance and removal CIL Specialists, and never wavered in his support of the mission. The Celestial Authority had full confidence in his loyalty and effectiveness.   However, on the assignment in question, everything went wrong.   Kushiel was leading his team on a routine search and destroy directive of a recently discovered fae nest. However, upon arrival at the nest they found a CIL team was already on site, and with a different mission than the one Kushiel was accustomed to carrying out.   Kushiel has testified that he was fully aware of the need to rid Midgard of the fae menace - after all, Heaven will never have peace without gaining full control and cracking down on any dissent. If the fae would fall in line, there would be no need to exterminate them.   That being said, Kushiel had never been informed of Heaven’s other uses for the fae infestation, and that lack of communication led to an unfortunate misunderstanding.   The Level Nine Flock Commander, who was attempting to carry out aforementioned other duties, dismissed Kushiel’s questions without comment and went back to the task hand. Kushiel, overcome with a sudden attack of empathy for the plight of vermin, did the unthinkable.   The Level Nine was dead before he knew he’d been hit, which prompted the other members of his flock to justifiably attempt to defend their Commander. Kushiel cut them all down. His own flock tried to subdue him, but his bloodlust knew no bounds. In the end, only two Celestials were left standing: the accused who stands before you now, Kushiel Rutilus. And his second-in-command, Zaquiel Ward, who is also present today in order to testify to the Court.

Celestial Enquiry Inquisitory Council

Record, Judicial


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