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Kushiel Rutilus

Infernal Affairs Dossier

Incident Brief

Kushiel Rutilus was classified as an active subject of intrigue (SOI) due to recent movements and contacts. More specifically, he is spending time with Bali Raj (Chakram of the Seven Flames, next in line for the second-cavern seat in The Pit).   Bali Raj's dalliance with the scartatu may be less of a concern if not for Rutilus' recent activities. He has all but moved in to a local inn (Brigid's B&B) for reasons unknown. To make matters worse, his traveling companion is none other than Seamus, who is perhaps the only fae creature feared throughout Hell and Heaven alike.   Our team confirmed the existence of a Celestial controller currently skulking about Lupine Bay; his nest is unusual, more juvenile vampires than are usually permitted. Perhaps the controller has history with Rutilus and unintentionally triggered this unnerving buildup of powered beings.   Infernal Affairs (IA) is aware of one Celestial contact Rutilus does possess - he is ex-partners with the angel Zaqiel Ward. Thankfully, the controller operating in the area is not the same angel.  

SOI Details

Kushiel has a very dark past. You wouldn't know it to see him now, a consummate beach bum who just wants to smoke and surf and sleep. But make no mistake, his good time guy persona is a front for something much more. He is scartatu, a punishment only meted out to Celestials who've broken Celestial law to such an extent that they would normally be executed, but whose family is high-level enough to warrant banishment instead. Although he's been trying for decades to live and let live, a coal of rage nests deep in his heart, and he would take any opportunity to destroy the Celestial who destroyed him.  


Very technically minded, Kushiel is talented in the use of all Celestial and Midgardian technology. If Seamus ever starts sharing the artifacts stashed in his vault, we may have a problem.   Kushiel speaks with an odd mix of language. He's a master of blending in and has been learning the human customs for decades now. However, he's over 300 years old, which automatically lends itself to a mashup of verbiage choices, references, and slang. He does know more modern human references than an average Celestial, as human-made entertainment is forbidden in Heaven.   Kushiel is also enthusiastic about website design, SEO, and other publicity-oriented human concerns. He took over the online prescence for Brigid's less than a week after arriving.  


Kushiel appears to be uncharacteristically attached to the family who owns Brigid's. Alternatively, he's attracted to the location itself - although the family appears to have no more than the nominal trickle of power that many humans possess, their property is suffused with a surprising amount of fae magic. Threats against the family or the property may be a useful bargaining tactic.   Although he rarely drinks, Kushiel has been observed smoking marijuana on multiple occasions.
Current Status
Speculation: pursuing vengence
Date of Birth
15 December
Year of Birth
1704 CE 314 Years old
Current Residence
Brigid's B&B
Neutral: Azure
Powered: Gold (Angelic)
Sun-bleached blond, shaggy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned skin, extensive scarring on back
Known Allies
Known Enemies
Zaqiel Ward
Hariel Ward


Situation evaluation ongoing; the human settlement of Lupine Bay is small enough that every one of the individuals mentioned in this dossier could wipe it from the map.

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