Dread Pirate

The rank of Dread Pirate began as an unofficial title among the space-faring Elves. After decades of surviving amongst the stars, beyond the electromagical mechanical construct of Atlantis. Ships would join together for survival, forming a fleet called Stjarnsraad. Pirates raided the weaker fleets, but eventually needed to band together to form comparable fleets known as Svarmandes. Brutal leaders commanded them. The admirals of the pirate fleets were known as Dread Pirate.
    Originally a slur or moniker of terror used by survivors of a raid. It eventually became an honorary title, proudly applied by the space pirates. Eventually, it grew to an official status; a title sought after by the most enterprising pirates. Once you earn the rank of Dread Pirate, it’s a lifetime title. Even in the rare circumstance leading to a Dread Pirate retiring, they’re always recognized as such.
    While active, it’s common to be challenged by lesser ranks attempting to win the rank of Dread Pirate. However, merely killing someone of the rank does not grant automatic promotion. The pirate crews are not obligated to support every challenger. It requires a majority vote from the captains within the Svarmande to support a new Dread Pirate. This vote can often create a civil war and split the fleet.
    If two Svarmandes survive the skirmish, then both will be led by their selected Dread Pirate. It’s rare for both fleets to survive such an altercation, but it has happened. If they survive as one fleet the losing Dread Pirate, those who remain loyal to the deposed leader, if they survived, are marooned on a planet; usually, one that supports life. This is an opportunity for a Dread Pirate to retire, though more often than not they attempt to rebuild their Svarmande and spend their lives seeking revenge.
    It’s never wise to cross a Dread Pirate, even if they are no longer an acting commander.


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