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Magic & Schools of Magic

Generally, common magic users specialise in one school, then focuses on one class in that school. More advanced mages can branch out into different schools.





  Harnessing the elements using your body to cast spells. casting through hands, mouth, etc. easy to learn and control; the most common type of magic.
elements include:
Water, Fire, Air and Terra. These 4 groups are split into 3 different, branching classes.

- Hydromancy (Manipulate Water)
- Cryomancy (freeze and Manipulate Ices from various fluids*)
- Hygromancy (manipulate vapour)

- Thermomancy (manipulate and/or imitate temperature)
- Pyromancy (Create and Manipulate Fire)
- Detonomancy (Creation of explosions through pressure and temperature)

- Sonomancy (Create and Manipulate Sound)
- Electromancy (Generate and manipulate electricity/electric currents)
- Flyromancy (generate and manipulate force fields)

- Naturomancy (Manipulate Nature (Flora, Fauna etc))
- Magnomancy (Manipulate Metals and Magnetic materials)
- Geomancy (Manipulate The Earth/Ground)

  *fluids: liquids and gasses


Light Magic can be used to manipulate light itself, or harness the magic from the suns to heal and empower. The main power comes from the two suns, and is weaker at night, being harder to cast.
Lightcasters can form light into powerful weapons and create mystical lights from seemingly nothing.
Light Magic is split into 2 classes:

- Lumomancy (Create and manipulate Light)
- Amelimancy (Heal wounds, broken bones, muscles etc. Accelerate healing)


Void magic manipulates the shadows and what dwells within. Voidcasters can reach into The Abyss to "summon" and use Abyssal objects and creatures. They can also create darkness and shadows which envelop objects and light and shrouds things in darkness. Void magic is inherently strong against light magic, able to enfold the light created by Lumomancers with shadows if the void magic is strong enough. The two main classes of Void magic are:

- Menemancy (Create and control Darkness)
- Ereboanimancy (Summoning of animated shadows to serve the caster. These shadows deteriorate quickly in light, especially magically created light)


Blood magic utilizes the darker branches of magic to drain and absorb the life from entities, and infuse corpses or golems/mechs with it. This school substitutes the usually used "mana" for blood and the "life-essence" of the creatures and plants that the mage uses. Blood magic is seen as a more evil magic due to casters having to drain the life from others to cast their spells.
This school is split into 3 classes:

-Haemomancy (The manipulation of blood)
-Spiromancy (The manipulation of the Life Essence of living things)
-Necromancy (The creation of "undead" through the infusion of blood and life essence)

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