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The third layer of the Nine Hells is a great swamp under an overcast sky. Everything here seems to be at some stage of decay and the only reason for it not falling apart is how the decay itself is endless. The swamp will swallow anything that tries to become to permanent and secure. Therefore, there are no great cities, but rather fortresses and towns.   The ruler of Minauros, Mammon, encourages this lack of safe places. The layer is filled with robbers and common thieves. The best way to stay safe is to adopt that very same lifestyle. That will also make the devils here slightly less likely to abuse you.


The swamp is cross-crossed with unstable roads that are nevertheless safer than the surrounding area. But they are also very hard to navigate, and those willing to help with that are also likely to lead you into an ambush prepared by their allies. Some have tried to help others navigate, but devil's aren't always trustworthy and some have a vested interest in manipulating where people go.

Fauna & Flora

Besides the dangers of all the fiends who live here, there are many strange and horrifying monstrosities hiding in the murky waters or the twisted plants. And sometimes those waters and plants themselves are what you should look out for.
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