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A harsh grey landscape of mountains make up the sixth level of the Nine Hells. It acts as the prison of the Hells on top of its normal duties. Prisoners are often left in cages hung from cliffs down the mountains. Rocks often fall and hit them, not to mention the risk of various creatures attacking. The mountains naturally often have minor quakes, causing a seemingly endless supply of rocks and boulders to run down the slopes. Not only does this add to the punishment of those placed in the way, but it creates a hazard for anyone wishing to move through the layer. As a result, the slightly safer way to travel is through tunnels.   The ruler of Malboge is Glasya, who rules it with an iron fist. It is also rumoured that she is, in a way, a prisoner as well - bound by rules that prevent her from rising above her station. This is because she led a coup against Asmodeus and this might be how she is punished. Some say she is the daughter of the Lord of the Nine, and therefore wasn't crushed completely.   On top of the regular forces at her disposal, Glasya employs the Coin Legions to hold her power. This also lets her bypass some of the restrictions on her as the legions are more like guilds or mercenary companies than actual legions.


Malboge is dry and dusty. Most things here are a bleak grey or built with wrought iron in nasty-looking shapes. There are many mountains, but they all lean towards one enormous one that serves as the centre of the whole realm. It is at the keep atop this peek that one might find Glasya.
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