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When someone in the Sh'areen Caliphate grows up, they naturally learn some sort of profession or trade, usually from their parents. Or they might have some more formal schooling, especially if they belong to the upper classes. Once this training of some kind has led to a proficiency comparable with an adult, they are tasked with showing this.   How this is done practically varies from profession to profession, sometimes guided by tradition, sometimes guided by guilds or actual academic tests. In any case, this usually happens in mid to late teens for humans. For other races, it varies depending on when they reach maturity. And some, such as elves and dwarves have their own traditions and don't care about Graduation.


Typically, adults around the child will decide that it's time for them to show their skill. But sometimes a child is adamant to try anyway and this is sometimes encouraged even in spite of parents. If someone fails their task, they typically have to wait until the next year to try again.


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