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The dwarven language, in particular, its written form, hasn't changed much for thousands of years. It has gotten some loanwords, spelling and pronunciation has shifted, but all in all a dwarf from a millennium ago would be able to understand a modern dwarf fine. This reliability is why several other languages and cultures make heavy use of dwarvish characters for writing, only modifying them enough to fit their language.   Dwarvish has a lot of consonants, and most vowels are pronounced in a mostly closed way. Most often terms and names are translated when dealing with those speaking other languages, showing how much of the vocabulary uses symbolism related to the lives of the dwarves to attach meaning. If a place is named "Silver Keep," that's not just a fancy name, its a declaration of strength and riches as well as striving towards the stars because of how silver looks. An unusual attitude for dwarves and therefore worth noting in the name. Others might naturally assume that the name comes from mining silver, but those who speak dwarvish know better.
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