Druidic Longbow

The only known bow of this kind is currently owned by Ammon Faust. Before him, it belonged to Delilah Liadrinna who, in turn, got it from her mentor, Ulshin Indrid. It is thousands of years old and most of its origin is currently lost to history.
Very Rare
1 kg

Druidic Longbow

Weapon Ammunition, Heavy, Two-Handed Very Rare [Requires Attunement]

Requires the attuned to be emotionally attached to a creature. Only one creature at a time can be chosen as the target for this and switching requires re-attunement.   The user is always aware of the location of the target. If the target is on a different plane, the user knows which.   The user is able to see and hear through the target's eyes and ears for 1 hour but is effectively blinded and deafened while doing so. The user can go back and forth between their own senses and the target's for the duration. Once they have used this ability, they can not do so again until they finish a short or long rest.   This weapon gives +2 on attacks with it and deals +2 damage. Its attacks are considered magical, regardless of the ammunition.

Type Damage Damage Range Properties
Martial Ranged 1d8+2 Piercing 150/600 Ammunition, Heavy, Two-Handed

Cost: 25,000 gp Weight: 2



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