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Church of Sune

The goddess of beauty might at first seem to portray only physical attractiveness, but her interests go much more profound. Everyone deserves not just to look their best on the outside, but also be as beautiful as people. And while her most loyal followers make sure to look stunning, they understand that each individual has to deal with their particular strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is to always strive for perfection, even if it can never be attained.  
Shine a beautiful light and those around you will be lit as well.
— Old Sune saying


The over-arching organisation across the world is governed by a council of 11 members, representing the same number of major temples. These temples, or Grand Cathedrals, are responsible for guiding the smaller cathedrals that exist in larger cities. More local temples exist but typically have no more than a few dozen clergies. Outposts beyond that might exist and be run by a single priest.

Public Agenda

The Church of Sune is often allowed to operate rather freely. They are seen as less of a threat than most other organisations, and most people appreciate more beauty in their lives. This is certainly an image that the church cultivates, and to a large extent, it is true. But many feel like they can speak openly in the gardens or pools of the temples, leading to priests often having access to secret information.   Devotees of Sune are often called upon for any celebration to take care of decorations and other presentations. The church might even provide performers to bring joy to those celebrating. This also gives them a chance to sway those not already tied to the church and bring in donations and new worshippers.


Any and all places of worship of Sune are made to be as beautiful as they can be. Gardens are tended with utmost care. Gold and jewels decorate sacred rooms. Mirrors are ever-present in order to let visitors and clerics study their own beauty. There are baths and other amenities for caring for one's appearance.

Beauty is deep as your Soul

Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Beautiful Congregation
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