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Church of Corellon

Almost all who worship Corellon are elves, but not all. There are plenty of half-elves, some humans, and some Fey. Other worshippers are extremely rare.


There is very little overall organisation of the church. Instead, local temples and shrines are built as a result of the desire of worshippers or visions given to elves during their meditation. The one who built said temple is then often given the role of its priest. Others might join them, but seniority typically determines rank.

Public Agenda

Corellon encourages beauty in all things, freedom of expression, and caring for one's surroundings. His temples tend to be works of art themselves and sometimes act as schools for bards, artisans, or magic users. They often care for nature around the temple, something much appreciated by both farmers and hunters.


Newly constructed temples tend to be as poor and simple as the really old ones are rich and elaborate. They rarely ask much from others, but they use even fewer resources, leading to a slow but steady build-up over time. And elves can afford to wait centuries.


While priests don't take a vow of non-violence, they usually argue for peaceful solutions if such seem plausible. And they will resort to violence if needed to protect life around the temple.   As a general rule, the temples are very permissive in their teachings as long as no one gets hurt. Art and other forms of expression are considered worship by default.
Religious, Organised Religion
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