This is utensil that is getting some popularity in Solaris, inspired by cuisines from around the world. One end has two long prongs that can be squeezed together to function as chopsticks to pick up food. The other end has several, shorter, prongs that act as a fork. The latter being even more of an eye-opener since forks aren't normally a part of life in most parts of the world.  

Cultural impact

While the trend is spreading, it does so slowly and via trade routes and contacts between members of the upper echelons of society. But the popularity of the utensil has also come with new ideas for how to serve dishes.   For those in the know, there are very particular socially acceptable ways to handle a chopork, especially on how to avoid getting any messy food on you when flipping it over. But even how to hold your hand is dictated enough that one might be the subject of light ridicule for not knowing how to handle the utensil.  

Magical versions

For those who want to show off, there are choporks with some minor magical abilities through enchantments. These include such things as flavour enhancements, ability to change colour, or even as a minor weapon.
Item type
Base Price
1 gp (up to 70 gp for the magical ones)
Raw materials & Components
Most choporks are made out of wood, allowing them to be both sturdy and flexible. Some have extra details in other woods or metal for ornamentation.


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