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The top-most layer of the Nine Hells is also the main battleground for the Blood War and this has resulted in a landscape of devastation and remnants of past struggles. There are forts that have been torn asunder, large boulders that seem to resemble faces screaming in terror, and more.   Wherever one goes on Avernus, there is always a risk of running into patrolling devils, usually with Lemures in tow, or attacking demons. If you are truly unfortunate, you might run into both and be caught in the crossfire.


The wasteland consists mostly of ashen planes with some basalt mountains or sharp rocks of obsidian. Dotted throughout the landscape are remnants of forts, strange metallic constructions, and hidden means of destruction. There are rivers of toxic water that sometimes form dangerous fumes as they merge with rivers of lava.   The sky of Avernus is a reddish-orange that gives everything a slightly blood-red tinge. There is no sun, only diffuse light. It isn't very bright, but there is no night and eyes adjust quickly. It takes longer for the nose to get used to the constant smell of ash.   The river Styx flows through Avernus before reaching any lower plane of the Nine Hells, and it is the primary point of attack by the demons. Thus, the river is heavily patrolled and one of the more dangerous areas if you're not allied with the devils, or the safest if you are.   There are a few settlements here, but none of them grows large as any major city would be a prime target in the War. The largest ones are instead built around important fortresses.

Fauna & Flora

There are animals and plants living here, but they are few and far between. All of them are extremely dangerous and live off of the flesh of fiends before the creature can regenerate. The best course of action when facing them is likely to run.
Alternative Name(s)
First Hell
Dimensional plane
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