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Episode 4 Epilogue September 1619

The cartographers from Leyton stood on the rocky outcropping overlooking the wide, slow moving Wonlu River as it wandered past them, making its way to Flint Bay through the Levantra Pass. To their east, stood the mighty Mount Nishati and the Cadmar Mountains beyond, a buttress of stone surrounding the Flint peninsula. In all other directions vast forests stretched as far as the eye could see, lush willows clinging to the riverbank, mighty white oaks and sycamores, their leaves beginning to turn with the approach of Autumn, and pitch pines, their needles evergreen, their lumber highly valued by the miner’s of Leyton and Raen’s View for its resin.   Around the varied group of colonists, the forests stretched, undisturbed since time forgotten. Furious scratchings surrounded the group as the cartographers put ink to paper and detailed every aspect of this part of Torakand between Leyton proper and the the Wonlu River. The members of the military stood quietly, keeping watch for ahools and animate scarecrows or even more dangerous hazards such as raccoons or geese.   Finally satisfied with their notes, the cartographers informed the group that they were ready to proceed to the next survey location. The military members nodded and spread out as they headed south, scouting ahead. The cartographers packed their maps and equipment away and proceeded after the military at a much more leisurely pace. The final member of the group paused an extra moment to take in the majesty of the scene and then turned and headed south. Just as they stepped back into the cover of the trees, far to the west, just as the Wonlu River vanished among the trees, a splash of color could be seen on the river, as a barge came into view, its red sails unfurled above, slowly sailing closer and closer towards the settlement of Leyton and its citizens.

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Cover image: by Cait May


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