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Third World War to Present

this timeline encompasses, well, everything that happened from the start of the third world war to livastian present day.

  • 1975


    Beginning of the Third World War
    Military action

    The Third World War (WWIII) was a small war that arose during conflict in the middle east, and snowballed into one of- if not the largest, bloodiest and most notorious war in history.

  • 1985



    March of The Resting Guns
    Era beginning/end

    The March of The Resting Guns was the largest act of robotic defiance in history, where MAI on both sides refused to right, and instead, drove/flew alongside each other. Not only this, but it was one of the main catalysts to ending the third world war.   As there already exists an article about this, you can find more about it in the related article.

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  • 1989


    Lazarus Finishes Production
    Scientific achievement

    The construction of Lazarus, the world's largest data farm and ambassador of the Livastian Alliance was completed.

  • 2012


    The Steelcut
    Life, Crime

    The Steelcut was one of the most difficult times during MAI integration; an event that lasted through the 2010s where multiple human attacks were directed at MAI among backlash to letting war machines integrate into general society/have equal rights.

  • 2056


    Cosa Ramone Breaks an Air-catching World Record
    Sporting Event / Competition

    In 2056, at only six years old, Cosa Ramone broke the world record for smallest object successfully recovered in Air-catching, a wedding ring dropped from approximately 8,000 feet. This is the feat that earned him the nickname, "The Needle."

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