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Lisa G Bailey, NEWS, RIWS - Artist Bio & Portfoilio
by Nathaniel C. Bailey (Larzous)
Lisa has a BA in Art and is a national and international award winning artist with two art designations. Her paintings can be found throughout the USA in private collections, businesses, and published in several magazines. Throughout her life Lisa has traveled throughout the USA and abroad to stimulate her imagination, in order to craft her artwork.   Her portfolio spans multiple mediums in both realism and abstract across a variety of subject matters ranging from natural to man made objects. Which media to use is based upon her vision for the final artwork with the goal being to create something that can’t be achieved by any other means. Lisa embraces change by challenging herself to attempt things she has never done before and continues to be innovative in her artwork. She developed a unique style in watercolor she calls Colorweave, which explores the physical phenomenon of volume color combined with continuous line movement, light, and diverse color palettes.   In 2000 after moving to Massachusetts, Lisa started Developing Artists to teach art to students of all ages and ability levels in Franklin, MA. Since then she has held many hats including: exhibition juror, art association board member, art association president, public speaker, substitute art teacher, and artist in residence. In the summer of 2022 Lisa retired from teaching but continues to paint, exhibit and sell her artwork.
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