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Alksar stood at the edge and stared out toward the raging storm. The roiling clouds full of booming thunder. The ship began to move as soon as the final refugees were on board. Alksar looked up and saw the other ships taking flight, this would be the last. As the Barle pulled away from the land Alksar looked back down and could see his home as it drifted down into the Floor, enveloped by the unending storm. He looked back up, the ever-present light almost blinding him after looking at the dark storm below. Loss was behind them now and hope ahead.
  Islands float in an endless sky above an eternal storm. People can now travel further than ever before if they board skyships but only if they can afford passage. Explorers make names for themselves with maps and stories of faraway lands. Artists write plays and songs, make scultures and paintings, and dance for the people. Warriors, artisans, and farmers learn from those who came before and achieve even greater feats than their teachers.   As people push back the line of the unknown they will discover things they cannot explain. The Fae whose lives ignore the ravages of time. The songs and dances of the Fae empowered with utilities, restoration, even destruction. They are wary of outsiders and won't easily share their knowledge.   Not all is good in this new age of exploration. Colonialism threatens the lives of native populations. Empire threatens war. Diseases moving from island to island aboard airships.   It is a time of change. How will you change the future?