The First Fear

Disciple's creation myth.

"Tenmon taught us that before there was fear, everything was right! And it can be that way again, if we - those made of the First Being - can live unafraid!"

Origins the First Fear

The Disciples of Tenmon believe that existence began when the First Being - their originator deity - experienced it's first moment of fear. This is the reason why the world was in such an unfortunate state during the Time of Darkness. Tenmon taught his followres that what came before the first fear was a place of serenity and peace and that when the powerful First Being felt fear, it destroyed everything and died shortly thereafter creating everything that is now. But it was all forged in the wake of fear and that is why bad things happen, people feel pain, and things go wrong.

The First Fear in Academia

  While most scholars dismiss anything from the Disciples, a few have met with some in secret and recorded their myths. There is no evidence in any field of study that could prove or disprove their idea that a First Being once existed and that once it died, made everything anew. Several respected scholars have published articles stating that any notions that you can feel the essence or somehow detect the wavelengths from the leftover thoughts of the First Being are purely fiction and the work of con artists.


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