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Mt. Atago

The highest peak in Kyoto

Mt. Atago lies to the northwest of the city. The mountain is home to the understated but lovely Atago Shrine--credited for protecting Kyoto from fires. Each year on July 31 from the evening to the next morning is the Mountain Festival, where people of all ages hike to the top to receive the blessing of 1,000 days of protection from fire-related incidents. Lanterns light the entire way for the pilgrims.  
Mt Atago Map
Mt. Atago on the Edge of Kyoto by OpenStreetMaps
  Hiking the 3-5 hour trail is the sole way to reach the top. There are no alternative transportation options. The challenging trail is a quieter one than many others in the Kyoto area. Temperatures are often quite a bit cooler at the top of the mountain. All of which makes the mountain the perfect hideout for Yokai needing a break from blending in with humans in the bustling city below. If they stay off the trail, there is little chance of being noticed.   Kuuya Waterfall and its torii also grace the foot of the mountain. Here you can meditate under the waterfall and purify yourself with the water that rushes over one of the largest falls in Kyoto.   Taroubou the great Tengu lives at the shrine at the top of the mountain.  

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Atago Shrine by Mass Ave 975
Mountain / Hill

Cover image: Atagoyama from Togetsukyo Bridge at dusk by そらみみ


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