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Chief of the Blade's Sacred Flame

Young man, if you don't know better than that, you obviously aren't ready. (He) should have told you what that seal represents.
— Shuchou

  Leader of the highly secretive Blade’s Sacred Flame. Those who have met him only call him Shuchou or by his cover name.



The Shuchou leads the Blade's sacred flame in ensuring every hand forged national treasure weapon is protected for posterity, whether it be sword, spear, or war fan. To do this he must have ties with every museum, weapon collector, and mastersmith in Japan, and many overseas.   He must also select and approve the Blade's sacred flame members with utmost care. The weapons the group deals with are powerful and can't fall into the wrong hands.



The advantages are more like rewards for a job well done. Here are a few examples he's experienced.
  • Getting to see a long lost masterwork dagger come home to Japan a member found it at a rummage sale in Canada.
  • The pride of holding and then turning over Benkei's naginata to a high security museum.
  • Watching a mastersmith at work and commissioning a katana for his personal collection.



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    The Shuchou doesn't need much beyond his influence, especially since he has to be discreet in his dealings. He can conjure one of his signature business cards with the group's logo out of thin air. Though group members share rumors of a vast vault hidden in the Spirit Realm.



    Magic runes surround the Shuchou night and day. When he leaves on business, his attendants switch to their body guard roles. You'll never see them though, as not a one is human and they specialize in melting into the scenery.


    Cultural Significance

    The Shuchou and his organization saved many a blade from being destroyed after WWII, when Japanese citizens surrendered thier swords. He quickly made contacts over seas and used his own fortune to secure safe pasage with collectors for the historic weapons so they weren't destroyed.
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    Duty: Protect Japan's national treasure weapons for future generations.
    Magical, Honorific
    Secret, only those in the organization know of him
    Form of Address
    首長 (Shuchou)
    Alternative Naming
    Chief, Master (as in an expert, only used occasionally)
    Equates to
    President of an organization
    Source of Authority
    Founded the group
    Length of Term
    Related Locations
    Related Organizations

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