Daitengu, King of the Tengu

You were to get the kitsune to safety! Why is one of the Date clan still here?
— Soujoubou
He is the king of the Tengu and lives on Mt. Kurama as an ascetic.   
Soujoubou is the head of the League of Guardians. He started the organization in the Meiji era, to compensate for the feudal lords' oversight being taken away. Japan needed a group to watch over the yokai interactions since Western ideas were becoming the overarching guide for the country.
Teach each warrior that comes to him to be the best he or she can be.


Hospitable. Welcomes everyone that requests permission to visi.t
Excellent teacher
Watches over his students beyond their training period.
Loud. He may be hard of hearing or it may just be a tengu trait.
A gruff master and of few words.
Short tempered.
Tends to fall in love with his students.
Tries to hide things from pupils to ensure they are paying attention. When he cooks he'll direct their attention away while he throws in a few secret spices.


Dance - any opportunity he can get.
Music with drums
He has a pair of pet itachi that have earned his trust over the centuries. He lends them a bit of his power to keep them spry and extend their life.
Takes great offense to his suggestions not being heeded. He's lived longer than most of the beings he comes in contact with.
Intruders on his mountain. Requesting an invite can be tricky, though.
Oni, unless they are seeking redemption. He met a Buddhist priest that was an Oni and got along with him.



Kith and Kin

Ikeda Kiku


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He is short and round, but extremely strong. Has the strength of 1000 tengu.
A long nose, massive white beard, large brown eyes that bulge a bit.
Wears a vivid red kimono with a blue sash over his shoulder or a white or black robe with 4 white dots in the front, that marks him as a mountain hermit/priest.  
Carries a feather fan that he uses in his magic.  
Is often seen wearing a small black box hat that ties to his head.  
Carries a large ax as his weapon of choice.
Age Ancient
Birthday August 24 (Virgo)
Meyers Briggs ENTJ
Campfire style cooking
Mele combat
Current Location
Mt. Kurama
Biological Sex
Bi-sexual (has a wife and is interested in taking on other lovers--in particular his student Miyamoto no Yoshitsune according to the Noh play Kurama-tengu)

Cover image: by Amy Winters-Voss
Character Portrait image: Minamoto no Ushiwaka-maru Sojo-bo ni shitagatte bujutsu o manabu no zu by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (歌川国芳)


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Tends to fall in love with his students, eh? I bet that's caused some drama over the years. :D   He sounds like a really interesting character. I like the fact that he loves to dance. :D

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