Nakamura Hisako

中村 久子 (a.k.a. Sensei, Aunt Hisako, Nakamura-sensei)

A small price for a first friendship here, I’d say.
— Nakamura Hisako
Nonogawa's protective busybody. She is curious and shrewd. Nakamura has her fingers in everything and knows the whole town. Most consider her the town's sweet dowager. But she's a real spitfire if upset. Do not vex her. Very little can stop her once she sets her course. She loves deeply and enjoys teasing and bantering with those she views as family.   When she meets Umeji Tatsuya, she suspects his background and tries to drive him out of the town. That all changes when he rescues her and is willing to sacrifice himself for her secret.

Physical Description

Body Features

Cute little old lady with arthritic hands and walks with a bit of a hunch

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes strawberries, humans, battles of wit, forests
Dislikes hypocrisy, unpaid debts, chocolate mint

Virtues & Personality perks

fiery spirit

Vices & Personality flaws

fiercely independent and outspoken (flaws in her society)


Contacts & Relations

Nephew: Satou Kazuo


Nakamura Hisako

aunt (Vital)

Towards Satou Kazuo




Satou Kazuo

nephew (Important)

Towards Nakamura Hisako




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More Nakamura Character Art
Nakamura Hisako
Nakamura Hisako by Monté Miller (commissioned)
Nakamuyra Hisako - kitsune
Nakamura Hisako by Monté Miller (commissioned)
Meyer's Briggs ESTJ
Goals * protect her town
* get rid of the man she suspects is a yakuza
Current Location
Current Residence
traditional style house in Nonogawa
Biological Sex
Short, stark-white hair
4' 10" or 147 cm
98 lb or 44 kg
Known Languages
Knows Chinese in addition to her native Japanese.
Short Stories with this Character Nakamura's Dream

Character Portrait image: Nakamuyra Hisako by Odette.A.Bach


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