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Interested in Joining Amy's Street Team?

The LC Street Team is ramping up to help promote Rise. Official challenges will start March 29, 2021 and end May 9, 2021. But if you want to get a head start, get the link and password for the ARC and read it. (YEP! You get to be part of the ARC team too!)

What is the Street Team?

A street team is a group of fans that helps an author promote their book.  

How do I join?

Sign up DM Amy (ShyRedFox#7256) on Discord. All challenge communication will be on her Discord.  

What am I asking of you?

  • Read the current book we are promoting
  • Follow me on the social media platforms that you are active on and help promote. The list of links is available on my About page
  • Complete each of the weekly tasks and provide proof you did so. Then you'll be entered into that week's drawing. (If you can't complete them, it's ok. I want this to be fun and not to pressure you!)
  • Those that complete all the challenges will be entered into the special drawing at the end of the challenge weeks.
  • For doing any of the challenges and helping promote my book, I'll give out a small thank you gift.
  • Other perks may be added as needed, such as sneak peeks and helping with names.
  • I know that the prizes aren't a huge motivator for many. But they are my way of saying thank you for helping. 
  • I will be collecting a minor amount of information so I can send prizes and thank yous. If you wish to only receive digital options, please let me know. I will never share your information unless required to do so by law.
  • Challenge Task + Prize Drawings

    In order to enter the week's drawing, report proof of your task completed for that week in the Liminal Chronicles Discord's #street-team-messenger-kitsune. Drawings will be in the Saturday Craft and Chat streams on Twitch (stream starts 9:30 AM CDT).  
    3/29 (Week 1)
    Option 1: read the book (DM me if you need an ARC copy)
    Option 2: Optional - invite someone to join the street team tasks
    Prize Drawing: Lucky Coin Charm
    4/5 (Week 2)
    Option 1: Honest review on Goodreads and their personal reviewing platform.
    Option 2: Contact other bloggers about my book
    Prize Drawing: Hojicha tea
    4/12 (Week 3)
    Option 1: Help promote my book blog tour and giveaways
    Option 2: Create your own promo media for the Rise release to share with the group (images, vids, audio, drawings, tweets, etc.)
    Prize Drawing: Okina Print 4x6
    4/19 (Week 4)
    Option 1: Help promote my book blog tour and giveaways + Share Launch Media on social media
    Option 2: Coloring page breather day on 4/21 before release week hits
    Prize Drawing: Printed character art - Nakamura
    4/26 (Week 5 - release on 4/30)
    Option 1: Release day, leave an honest review on Amazon
    Option 2: Join my launch party (black shirt or fox shirt if you have it + any fox items (stufties, pictures, BGs, etc.)) - Discord call (video, voice, or just chat as you are comfortable)
    Prize Drawing: Printed character art - Umeji
    5/3 (Final week)
    Option 1: Start a book club on Rise (suggested book club site)
    Option 2: What could we do to improve for next time? What was your favorite part?
    Week Challenge Drawing: Yuzu Gummy Candy
    Prize Package Drawing: for those that completed all or the most number of challenge tasks
    * Kendo Tenugui
    * 3d printed figures (both Umeji and Nakamura)
    * signed book plate stickers
      Amy can't wait to share these prizes with you guys!  


    The Street Team has access to the #street-team-messenger-kitsune LC Discord Channel. Amy will give you the role so you can access the channel. Team challenges, raffles, and business will be conducted there.   You will also have access to the ARC copy of Rise.   You'll be invited to be a guest at my launch party on April 30, 2021.   You'll be able to help me plan for the future and I'll do my best to have downtime hangouts. I hope you will treasure this time together as much as I will.   


    The LC Street Team is a safe, professional place. 
  • No bullying, antagonizing, trolling, or other mean behavior allowed.
  • If you feel you need to step away from the team, just let Amy know via email (amywintersvoss(at) or Discord DM (ShyRedFox#7256). I understand that life just changes sometimes. If you complete the tasks before leaving the group, you will still be entered into the drawing for that week and will receive the thank you gift.
  • When you share about my work, please do so professionally and authentically. Don't promote on other's pages, discord, etc without permission first. I will be working with World Anvil - so that is covered.
  • I am always thrilled when you post an HONEST review of my work. If you would let other readers know specifics such as what you liked, what surprised you, etc. If you post spoilers, please warn about that before readers get to those spoilers. Some of us like spoilers and others don't. This way people have a choice.
  • Please don't criticize negative reviews. Everyone has the right to their own opinions.
  • Please only use the official art I post in the street team Discord or contact me before using an image. 

  • Street Team business stays in the team. 
  • You agree not to take secrets and team business outside of the discord channel. 
  • You agree not to give away copies of my book or excerpts. I do allow the exception of the use of short quotes for review purposes.

  • The Team's focus is the Liminal Chronicles series.
  • While I am happy to help promote other authors' work too. It is by invitation only. Thank you for understanding.

  • I'm so excited that you're interested in the street team! Thank you!

    Messenger Kitsune by Amy Winters-Voss

    Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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