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The Mask - slice-of-life short story

Mask   First scene Morning, maskmakers shop/house, interior   Morning shots from garden. Shots from village, some idyllic shots of a singing bird etc. Picture of shop part of the house. Some close-ups on the counter, interesting stuff etc. MM walking down the stairs, just legs. MM yawning and stepping downstairs. MM stretching a bit "mmm... Good morning house." walks into kitchen and starts making breakfast. Some chill breakfast cooking. Dog waking up and greeting him MM reaching down to pet him “Such a good boy” While he cooks, he looks out the window at his garden. MM smiles "So beautiful… better start doing some fall cleaning today" MM whistling and cooking, dog comes to fetch food. MM puts his food to a cup and puts it on the floor MM smiles "There you go boy" as the dog starts to eat happily He takes his drink and carries it to shop part, putting them onto the counter. MM sits down and starts to eat   2nd scene Morning, maskmakers shop/house, interior   Front door opens, dog barks and goes to door. "Morning! What can I do for you today?" MM smiling and drinking his drink, not lifting his gaze. W: "Good morning! And hi Bess!" scratches the dog happily and walks to counter. MM lifts his gaze as he recognises her voice. "H-hi W. I've got your mask ready, just give me a second" MM says, still chewing his food "Sure thing! Did the council send you those new chiesels yet?" W puts the bread she brought on the counter. "Yes they did! The box just came in yesterday, gonna test them today. I have no idea why they want me to use those specifiacally, but hey, they are the ones who paid for the job." MM pulls her mask from the under the counter and shows it to her "With red paint, just like you wanted it!" W turns to look and gasps "It looks amazing! Thank you so much" W smiles and MM blushes a little. "No problem." MM starts packaging it. W leans on the counter and looks at MM "So, are you coming to the market this weekend" MM: "haha, no, I have a few commissions to do for the wizards. Maybe next year?" "Aw come on! At least a visit? You missed the midsummer market already!" "I know I know... I'll try to be fast, okay? But won't promise anything" lifts his hand a bit "Deal?" smiles W: "Deal" laughs a bit and puts the money on the counter. MM: "Thanks. And thank you for the bread again." "No problem!" Smiles and takes the wrapped mask "And thank you for guarding my best friends house!!" takes a treat from her pocket and gives it to Bess Bess barks happily and takes the treat W smiles and walks to the door MM leans on the counter and watches W "Have a nice day!" W smiles happily and nods "You too" opens the door and exits shop   3rd scene Day, maskmakers shop/house, interior   MM smiles and sighs a little. Bess barks. "Yeah, she's pretty cool." MM straightens up and stretches a bit. "Allright, back to work. You gonna help me boy?" Scrathes the dogs head and sits down at his work table. He picks up a wooden piece and smiles. "Hm. Lets see what we can make of you."   Cut to pics of him working. And the dog. And house plants etc.   MM lifts the rough wooden mask on his face level. "Hmm..." Tilts it a bit and puts it on a stand. Takes his new chisels out and unboxes them. "Oh boy, hope you are as good as mine..." Takes a pair of the chisels and looks at them, spinning them in his hands. "Some lifeline on you, huh... Well, that explains why the wizards wanted me to use you" shrugs his shoulders and makes his posture better. He starts working with the mask, making decorative lines with shallow chisels. As he works, the chisel leaves small silver lines. MM leans back, smiles and mutters “that's actually pretty cool" As he leans in to continue his work, the mask opens his ‘eyes’ and speaks. "You should make some eyebrows." MM blinks and looks at the mask. "....what. What?" looks at the mask, confused "Eyebrows! Come on, they would make me look better. Yeah?" MM stands up and backs away, looking at the now glowing mask. MM backhands it on the floor. "OW! Hey! That was uncalled for!" MM stays on his spot, chisel pointed to the mask "Why are you speaking? You are not supposed to speak" "why not?" "YOU ARE A MASK!" "Oh, right. I forgot" Bess comes in and sniffs the mask a bit "Well well, hi fella! You're a really weird cat" Bess picks the mask up and shakes it around "Heyheyhey what are you doing! Stop!!" MM: "Good boy! Now, take it outside, and I'll bring you a bone, okay??" Mask grunts a bit and glows slightly more. Lifeline seems to peel out of the mask and go into Bess. (close shot of this) Bess stays put for a bit and brings it to MM. MM backs away in horror. "Nononono, away! Shoo, outside!" Bess barfs and lets the mask fall on the floor. Mask: "Bad cat! Baad cat!" looking really unhappy. "No-one treats the head wizard like this! No one!" MM blinks "Wait, what? Who are you?" MM carefully lifts the mask and cleans it with his robe "Wizard?" "Yes! You don't know me?? I am the great Adesior! I was the one who invented the great Magnerbus Elementus!" "Wait... wasn't that invented like two centuries ago...?" "Well, yes! What has that to do with anything?" MM scratches his head "Ookay... but how are you... in this?" "Well how the heck would I know! I just literally woke up like this. Did you mess with lifeline without knowing what you were doing?" Sighs a bit. MM: "Well... Do you.. want me to... take you out somehow?” “Well, sure, but it could be a really painful process to re-mortify a soul, so you should take me to a wizard-” MM blinks “Or... wait, I could sell you to the council!" "D: No! No please no!" "Why no, they're wizards too" "Yeah, but... well, I was kind of a lone wolf and... well, broke their rules a bit... So no, you can't take me there!" "Yeah I can. Come on, they won’t hurt you! And I could really use the money..." "I'll...-! I'll pay you!" MM scoffs "How? You're a talking wooden mask!" "I used to live in this place! And I might have hidden a small treasure from the council." MM turns to the mask "Treasure...?" "Yeah yeah! I can show you where it is! I buried it just outside, on the far corner of the yard!" MM gasps "No...oh no not there..." scratches his head "How…. big is the treasure...?" "Not big... but it's pretty valuable, I made a special enchantment to it! It brings immense luck to anyone wielding it! You might learn a thing or two if you disenchant it" MM bites his fingers ".... Alright. But I swear, if you are lying, you're going straight to the council with the next caravan!" "I'm not! Please!" MM sighs and grabs his gardening tools next to the door "Show me the way" Takes the mask and exits with the dog.   4th scene Evening, maskmakers shop/house, garden MM stomping to the garden with the mask floating beside him Mask: "Hmm...." looks around "You've done good work here!" floats next to a pear tree "Very interesting... every plant I planted ended up dying for some reason..." "Did you forget to water them?" turns around to look at MM "I thought rain will do that for me?" "..." grunts a bit and looks around "Allright, where is the treasure?" Mask: floats around and furrows its brows "Right, let's see..." Floats to a corner with a beautiful rosebush and looks at MM "Right underneath this!" MM gasps "Oh god, just the worst place..." "But it’s right here! Come on, you have to believe me" "A floating mask who thinks it a 200 years old wizard? Sure, why shouldn't I trust you..." walks next to the bush and stares at it ".... tell me again how amazing the treasure is" puts his shovel to the soft ground next to bush "It is, uh...amazing! A beautiful piece of jewellery which will bring you a ton of luck! You'll see!" "Ugh... I'm so sorry my love..." grazes a rose with his finger "I'll try to be careful" Thunks a shovel to the ground *time passes* Confused faces of MM and mask Empty hole in the ground with the bush fully torn down "....I swear it was here when I buried it..." "...." "I... I-I - please don't take me to the council!" Turns to the mask "..... You are going be strapped onto the caravan right in the morning, I swear to Elise!" Mask notices a painted piece of wood in the hole “-! No, wait! What’s….” Mask glows immensely and floats to the hole, pushing ground and soil away, while lifting the piece with its powers MM lifts his eyebrows in surprise “o-okay…? wow” “This… this is familiar… It’s a piece of the jewellery box I buried the necklace in! Someone has been here!” tosses and turns the piece before him, examining it MM sees some glinting in the soil “Hmm… ” MM starts to dig with his bare hands carefully, and finds a jewel from the soil “Well, apparently the necklace is missing a piece” “D: someone BROKE my necklace?!” mask huffs and puffs dramatically MM laughs a bit “Well, someone in the town probably has the rest” Mask “mmh, seems like it… and they were extremely sloppy at digging.” Both go back inside   5th scene Late evening, maskmakers shop/house, interior   MM yawns and streches himself while walking inside ".... allright, we'll go look for it in the morning. I need some sleep..." sighs and looks at the rose he took with him from the garden “still don’t know if this was worth the pain…” sniffs and puts the rose in a small vase "Where can I sleep?" "Do you even sleep?" "... I don't know really" "Just.... pick a place you like. I'm going upstairs" stands up¨ "Okay! Good night!" "Good night. Sleep well if you sleep at all" MM walks upstairs Bess look at the mask and barks, then goes to her own bed Mask sighs and puts itself down on a chair Mask closes his eyes “..... ” Opens his eyes and looks at Bess Bess still staring at him from his bed   6th scene Next day, morning, maskmakers shop/house, interior and village, exterior   MM walks down from the bed with his nightwear still on and yawns "Morning" Mask floats to kitchen "Finally! What took you so long!" "What, sleeping?" scratches his head and starts making breakfast "I like sleeping" cracks some eggs etc etc Mask huffs and floats around "So what exactly are we looking for?" "it's a beautiful necklace. My dear friend Antonio gave it to me, he got it from one of his journeys to ------, it was actually quite a story; he-" MM lifts his hand "Allright, allright, amazing. But what does it LOOK like?" "Well, it's made of gold with three blue sapphires in its center." MM raises eyebrows "Well, that sounds pretty fancy." "It is 'pretty fancy'! The luck enchantment in it is pretty damn 'fancy' as well!" MM laughs a bit "Okay... well, how are we going to find it...?" "I have no idea... I might be able to sense the enchantment once I get close enough, but other than that, I got nothing" MM scratches his chin "Hmm.... Who could have come digging here after you passed... You got any idea on that?" mask floats around and thinks "Well... I think my landlord was Mr ---------, he owned most of the land, but he didn't know about the necklace..." "Did you tell anyone about it?" "No, at least I don't think so... I was meant to give it to Enchantress, but then the war broke..." "It might not even be in the village anymore." "I know!" "But we can try. I'm getting curious" MM smiles a bit Mask grins "Is the old library still standing?" MM perks up a bit "The old Yelw? Yea, sure" "There should be a record of all the owners of this here lot. Should we look there?" "yeah, sure. Just let me get dressed first" MM rises up "Oh, and by the way, you can't just float around while we walk on the streets. I'm going to hang you on my hip." "What?? That is not fitting! You can't just hang me on your... waist!" MM grins and takes some rope "Really." *cut to mask, hanging displeasedly on MMs hip* "Comfy?" "No." "Great!" MM laughs and puts the jewel to his pocket near mask MM walks towards the library for a while and then gets stopped by an old lady Lady: "MM! Hello! Haven't seen you in a while!" "Hi ---, how have you been?" "I'm fine, I'm fine... Are you okay? You don't usually walk around this part of town… are you lost?" "What do you mean?" laughs nervously Mask jolts a bit "-! -!" "A-actually, I was doing a bit of research... Do you know fellow named Adesior? he lived on my lot some centuries ago" "Uh, well.... I don't seem to recall anyone by that name...." "What about... a necklace...?" "Necklace?" "Yes, one with three blue sapphires or something..." "Hmm... I remember that old XXXX found a treasure a while ago from somewhere near your house I think..." "XXXX? You mean the bakers?" "Yes, the 'three lakes bakers'." MM grunts "Well of course, the three lakes..." Lady smiles "They might know something about Adesior" "Ah, yes! Thank you so very much!" MM pats the mask a bit "Have a good day!" "You too young man!" MM starts walking towards the bakery "Of course, why didn't I figure it out!" Mask "Figure what out?" "The bakers! My mother told me that a long time ago the bakers family came upon a fortune. With that, they expanded their business and helped the village to get back to its feet after the war. The family was so happy that they renamed their bakery after the treasure! 'Three lakes bakers'!" Mask gasps "And three lakes as in-" "The sapphires! Yes!" "Great! let's go get that family heirloom!" "Oh... yeah, you're right..." "What? Let's go get it!" "No we can't just go and get it! We'll just... go and get some food. Then I'll decide what to do with you" "What?! We finally know where it is!!" MM yells in the middle of the street "End of conversation!" everyone turns and looks at him ".... I'll just... You know... stress and that, haha" laughs nervously and goes to bakery   7th scene   Day, bakers shop, interior   MM walks into the bakery, entry bell ringing softly. W "Good evening, how can I-! Oh MM! Such nice of you to visit!" MM smiles "Evening W. I was just walking by and decided to grab a-! " Jolts weirdly as the mask tosses and turns "a-a bite." "Walking by? Rare" grins "Just wait a second, I'm going to get a fresh patch out of the oven" MM jolts again "....Is everything okay...?" "yea yea, don't worry about me!!" straightens himself as W goes to the backroom MM turns and takes the mask from his hips, hissing "What the heck are you doing?!" "It's here! The necklace is close!!" "What? Just forget it already!" "Nono it's close! It's on her!!" Mm hisses "what!!?" W comes back with fresh pastries "Tadaa! Fresh new patch of treats!" MM jolts up hiding the mask behind his back "Awesome! Uh let's see..." MM puts the mask on the counter W "oo what's that?" "Oh, just a work in progress, trying out the new chisels" "It's beautiful!" W leans in closer, the necklace dangling its way out of her blouse the mask looks at the necklace and then at MM "-! -!" MM "uh... s-so! That necklace! It's... pretty" W laughs and takes the necklace to her hand "thank you!! I got it from my father when I was young" "Really... and where did he get it again...?" "Uh... my grandmom bought this plot of land, and she found it buried in a small chest… Something like that I think. But as you can see, one of the jewels is missing… dad told me that the case was broken when grandmom dug it up but-" Mask hisses “No it was not!” “Eh… excuse me?” MM coughs really loudly and pats the mask "uh, nothing! Just a cough, thats all... Can I see it for a second...?" puts out his hand "Um... I mean, sure!" W takes the necklace off her neck and puts it on his hand Mask slowly taking the jewel from the pocket with his powers and putting it on its place “Wait… what is-” W notices the lifeline strands The necklace starts to glow when the jewel clicks on its place Everything freezes when they touch the necklace and each other They stare starstruck into eachothers eyes MM blushes and smiles, not taking his eyes off of W "It's... beautiful" W smiles happily and looks at MM "yeah..." Mask smiles and looks at them, glowing significantly less Mask “Cherish who you love, unlike I did...” And its lifeline lines fade slowly   End scene: MM and W fixing MMs garden with Bess.   Final scene/pic: The mask on a table next to the vase with the rose


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