Claiming the Claw

Military action


With the assistance of several dozen guides provided by the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia, Herwick's Band passed through the Wetland safely without getting into skirmishes with the Rehenians. The Claw, a large isthmus that connected the Enlitic peninsula to the rest of Lethea, was the band's first target. The region had been weakened by unrest and the constant raids that the Rehenians had been conducting in the area. Karl led the soldiers of his army to the town of Valskaen, but encountered little resistance as the settlement had been in a state of anarchy and even the gates had been breached by someone prior to their arrival. With the town captured and the residents pacified, the band left their civilians behind the protection of the walls and to ensure their safety from the old inhabitants, the Panedur were kicked without their possessions and those who resisted were executed.   As the new inhabitants of Valskaen settled in and began repairing the damaged gate, Karl Herwick and the troops marched out, leaving behind a small garrison to defend the place from future attacks. The band encountered a small force hostile force when attempting to cross a river to get to the town of Halikel. Despite being outnumbered, the panedur held their line as long as they could, but eventually the band's battlemages forced them to rout. Karl Herwick ordered his men to march on so that they could take as much land as quickly as possible, but a few of his scouts reported seeing a large army approaching from the east, forcing Karl to abandon the town he'd just captured.

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