Treaty of Velota

While we have allowed an ally to grow to our east, I sometimes wonder if the treaty was a wise decision. Perhaps we ought to have taken the land under the banner of Vivernia.
— Lucca Capra, Union Speaker of Vivernia

  The Treaty of Velota was a diplomatic agreement signed between the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia and Karl Herwick's band of followers in 1503 AA. The treaty guaranteed the ambitious conquerer the right to move through Vivernia safely and to recruit a limited amount of volunteers from their settlements. With the benefits provided to him by the agreement, Karl Herwick was able to successfully move through the Wetland to invade the United Kingdom of Enor and Puhna.

Enemy of my Enemy

In 1503 AA, Karl Herwick, a nobleman who'd been banished from the Empire of Pallernia arrived on the border of Vivernia. Accompanying him was a vast host of other dissidents, and they sought to find a new home for themselves. Seeing Vivernia as a potential ally in this journey due to the country's animosity towards Pallernia, Karl decided to negotiate with them.
  One of Karl Herwick's old friends, a woman by the name of Caldia Fora, had been a part of the Union of Vivernian Officers and had the ability to contact the government on his behalf. With her help, Herwick's band managed to negotiate a deal that would assist Karl and his people.
  After the treaty was signed, Herwick's band was allowed to recruit volunteers to bolster his forces, and they were assisted by Vivernian scouts who showed them a passage through the Wetland. With the additional forces, Karl Herwick would launch an invasion against a crumbling panedur country, establishing a new human monarchy on the Enlitic peninsula.

New Ally

Once Karl Herwick had defeated the Kingdom of Enor and Puhna in his grand conquest, his new Kingdom of Enlitica was founded. To honour their part of the deal, Enlitica allied with Vivernia, and soon after, they established the Eastern Entente, a defensive military alliance which they hope will guard them against Pallernia's expansionistic ambitions.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Ratification Date
1503 AA
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