The River Raider

Bane of the Fishers

Beware the waters on the summer solstice. Though your nets may fill up with fish, it isn't a blessing but a curse. For those fish are long dead, killed and cursed by the River Raider!
— Old Kotfer the Fisherman

  When centuries ago a mysterious wave of dead fish ended up in the nets of the Jegrimian, the fishermen seemed surprised at first. As they were going through hard times, they ate the fish without a second thought. Soon after, nearly all of them died. Tales began to spread of a strange creature that poisons the fish, killing them and making them unedible for the people who relied on them as an important source of food. The tales of the River Raider only became more popular when a few years later, a similar thing happened. Now, centuries later, it is considered a mythological creature but many still believe that it exists and causes the Jegrimians misery and pain.

The Tale

Placeholder Pumpkin
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis
According to the tales, the River Raider stalks and causes problems for those who live along the river Bokker. He is active throughout the year, but the most well-known thing that he is known for only happens on the summer solstice. He walks up the river, making his way to where the rivers Bokker and Kertol meet. On the way, he scoops up the fish into a massive sack that he holds over a shoulder. Wherever he goes, he leaves behind a slimy trail.
  The River Raider tosses the wiggling fish into a pot filled with lukewarm water. As he stirs the contents with his long, thin arms, he adds extra ingredients. The eyes of frogs, a child's intestines, the skull of a young mother, and dozens of other sinister components get added in.
  Once the contents of the pot are ready, the River Raider pours it into the river. As the tainted fish float down the river, the River Raider will run back to its secret hideout. There, it will rest, gather more supplies, and prepare for the next summer. Sometimes, when the River Raider gets bored, he goes out and causes misery for all who he finds.
Date of First Recording
1319 AA
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Potatoes by Marco Antonio Victorino

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Hello Dhelian, it's your friendly feedback wizard here to give you feedback on the River Raider!   Now, this is a myth! Myths were often created to explain natural phenomena, in this case poisonous fish. Of course it might actually be a mythical creature, but even if it's not real it's very realistic.   One thing I would recommend for the image is having the pumpkin placeholder be left aligned instead of right aligned. In my head it looks bad to put two images right next to each other when they aren't even the same size. Feel free to disagree; maybe the images will look good like that!   I have a question about the story itself. Has anyone actually seen the River Raider, or claim to have? What have they described it as?   Alright, I'll leave you to your work. See you around :D

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