Saralian Text
Saralian is the language native tongue to nearly all ethnic Saralians, most of whom reside in the Kingdom of Sarala and the Grand Duchy of Ärli. The language is also popular in the Federal Geniocracy of Ithelmark and Alden.

The language doesn't have any known relatives, but it's grammar and alphabet are similar to the language of the Nehenians. This is due to the signing of the Pact of Brotherhood, a treaty that uplifted the Saralians by spreading literacy amongst the populace as per the demands of the Imperium of Qerthéllnaval.


Saralian Alphabet


# Case Example in Saralian Example in English
1 Nominative kantilaan pouko a beautiful book
2 Genitive kantilaana poukou of a beautiful book; a beautiful book (as total object)
3 Partitive kantilaanal pouko a beautiful book (as a partial object)
4 Illative kantilaana poukou into a beautiful book
5 Inessive kantilaanap poukoup in a beautiful book
6 Elative kantilaananan poukounan from a beautiful book
7 Allative kantilaana poukou onto a beautiful book
8 Adessive kantilaanav poukouv on a beautiful book
9 Ablative kantilaanali poukouli off a beautiful book
10 Translative kantilaanaot poukouot [to turn] (in)to a beautiful book
11 Terminative kantilaanahi poukouhi up to a beautiful book
12 Essive kantilaanaha poukouha as a beautiful book
13 Abessive kantilaanatta poukoutta without a beautiful book
14 Comitative kantilaana poukou with a beautiful book


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Forgemaster Janet
Janet Forbes
26 Jan, 2019 11:10

This language reminds me so much of Finnish it's unreal! Great article! It's a good idea to show where to emphasise each word so that idiots (like me) can feel like they can pronounce your conlang :)

26 Jan, 2019 12:59

Thanks! I wanted the language to be Finnic in terms of the sound and grammar. I used the 14 cases that exist in Estonian and I tried making the words sound more Finnish, sometimes by taking an Estonian word and modifying it.   Some kind of guide to pronunciation would be excellent and I'll try to figure something out when I'll begin working on this article again.

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