Battle System Mechanics

Pikemen companies are units that consist of a hundred and fifty heavily armored soldiers. They have the best metal armor that money can offer and due to the protection that the metal covering their flesh provides, they have abandoned shields in favor of pikes or in some cases, long polearms that can be used for stabbing. Pikemen are a feared foe on the field of battle and they are the at best defensive.

Best unit for defense
Good against cavalry charges
Damage Reduction can be ignored by flanking
Poor melee skill

It's hard to charge when you have long pokey sticks in front of you.
— Viktoria Eitwichen, Pallernian mercenary


Pikemen companies are mainly used for defense and attacking units that have a high Damage Reduction with them might end up costing the pikemen more casualties. Instead of using them to attack, keep the pikemen on the front lines and force the enemy to attack them instead. Units with a low melee skill, such as light infantry and light cavalry, might end up losing far more of their own men by trying to get past the deadly pikes.

The main weakness of a company of pikemen is their lack of mobility and their exposed backs. Attacking pikemen from behind negates their main advantage, the Damage Reduction. There should always be other units there to defend against potential flankers.

Spear Wall

When hostile cavalry charge pikemen from the front, then the cavalry will take double damage if their attack fails to get through the Damage Reduction.  

Exposed Backs

When a hostile unit attacks the pikemen from behind, the Damage Reduction of the attacked pikemen will be reduced to 15.

Pikemen unit
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 25
Morale 85

Missile -

Melee 4

Barrage -

Pursuing 0

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 2

Range -

Ammunition -

Stealth 1


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