Mounted Archers

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Mounted archer squadrons are units that consist of a hundred and fifty soldiers and their mounts. What the mount is, depends on the culture and climate. In Southern Lethea horses are common, but in recent years the Western Letheans have also started using camels. Mounted archers don't usually wear a lot of armor, instead of relying on the speed of their trustworthy companions to carry them to safety after they've unleashed a volley of arrows at their foes.
Excellent at harassing the enemy
Great for flanking
Low Damage Reduction
Poor in melee combat
Combining cavalry with archers was a strange idea.
— Talvi Hein√∂, Saralian military strategist


Mounted archer squadrons can attack with their missile weapons or if they run out of ammunition, their melee weapons. When performing missile attacks the enemy unit has to be in sight and in range.

Being on elevated terrain improves a mounted archer company's range by 100%, so if a unit normally has a range of 3 hexes, with one extra level of elevation they will have a range of 6 and if they are even higher, they will have a range of 9 hexes.

The extended range only applies to targets that are on lower elevations than the mounted archer unit. If the mounted archers are on a hill and target other units on a different hill that's around the same height, then they will only have their default range. Attacking a target on a higher elevation uses the mounted archer unit's default range.
Archer unit range

Mounted Archers
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 8
Morale 50
Missile 5
Melee 0
Barrage -

Pursuing 2
Medic -
Repair 0

Speed 8
Range 3

Ammunition 8
Stealth 4

Cover image: Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt


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