Kenoth Vunakavone

Dirth Kenoth Vuvakavone (a.k.a. Ken)

Kenoth Vunakavone was a player character in a heavily homebrewed Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign. He was a giant who lived on a cozy house on the slopes of Golat's Shield, but somehow he mysteriously ended up on the other side of the Divide as a young, prepubescent child.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Before mysteriously ending up on the other side of the continent, Kentoth Vunakavone had lied a peaceful life with his mother, father, two older sisters, and his insane grandmother. Their cozy house had been built on the southeastern slopes of Golat's Shield, near where the mountain range ends and Defender's Pass begins. Kenoth's family had a good reputation, both his parent had been great artists who even had multiple opportunities to create sculptures for the Empire of Lorgzilin's most prestigious statesmen and generals.

He himself never really developed an interest in chisels and stone, instead, he preferred going to some of the nearby towns and he tried finding friends to fight with, but every time he got someone to spar with, they would end up severely injured and so Kenoth had to stay away from the town in order to avoid confrontations with the parents of the wounded children.

1419 AA 1566 AA 147 years old
Circumstances of Death
Executed for the murder of multiple Vivernian guards
Biological Sex
Curly, salt & pepper
3.2 m
137 kg


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