Ielipati Heartleaf Bush

Leaf of the Lakefolk

Fetch a batch of heartleaf and the whitebark! This lass is going to require the brew if we are to keep her alive. The foul sway of our foe has sunk deep into her thoughts. We mustn't linger!
— Aqere, Kireseria in Eilne
  The Ielipati heartleaf bush is a species of tree native to the tip of the Tellaiti. The leaves of the plant are highly valued in Brelish society for their medicinal and psychotropic properties, which give a sense of hope and determination. They are commonly smoked or made into tea, depending on the consumers’ preference, and when boiled along with mariner's whitebark, the plants can be turned into a powerful Entheogenic brew.  


Heartleaf bushes are fairly short compared to most other trees in their native habitat, which is said to be the reason behind the plant’s misleading name. When growing in ideal conditions on rich, moist soil, the trees grow up to 5 meters, but in rougher conditions they seldom reach such heights. The leaves of the tree are short and broad and as the plant’s name suggests, they are red or at times vaguely orange. Heartleaf bark has a light brown colour and the wood beneath it is as light as birch.  
Eqei is a good lad, but far too sensitive to work in the redyards. Last summer he nearly passed out from the thick scent that surrounded the bushes. He felt oddly overwhelmed by it all.
— Amalea, mother of Eqei

Citrus Scent

A powerful scent that resembles citrus emanates from heartleaf bushes. In dense clusters of the trees the smell can be powerful enough to cause a sense of drowsiness for some.   People have noted that the aroma is strongest at around the middle of summer, although the reasons for it are not yet clear.

Common Uses

For centuries the heartleaf has been a crucial part of Brelish life. Without the tree's red leaves, the locals of the lands that the plant inhabits would have no love for smoking pipes. Only in the late 14th century, when a young girl had experimented with smoking different plants, were the joys of the lakeleaf discovered. The child had supposedly grown an interest in pipes after a trip to foreign lands where the act of smoking was a common recreational activity.  

Addictive Properties

Because of the plant’s properties, many of those who regularly consume it have developed a dependancy on heartleaf.   The sense of perseverance that either drinking or smoking the leaf provides makes it difficult for some to stop consumption. Withdrawal can be deadly for some, especially those who needed its effects to ward off depression.

Heartleaf Tea

Tea made from either fresh or dried leaves of heartleaf has been a staple of Brelish culture for as long as the lakefolk have been able to write. Even some of the earliest written records in Aiterean make mention of tea and the traditions surrounding it.   The average Brel has roughly two or three cups a day typically during their regular meals. Those who don't drink heartleaf tea or refuse it when offered are seen as strange and uncultured.
Been dependent on the pipe ever since they had to give me the brew. A day without it is just too much to bear. Horrors in my dreams, whispers in the dark. I’ve been told it gets worse the longer you stay away from heartleaf, but I don’t intend to find that out for myself if I can help it.
— Addict

Cleansing Brew

Ielipati heartleaf bushes holds special importance to all branches of the Abreanist faith for its use in a cleansing brew known as Ueqataci Eire. The Entheogenic brew is a mixture of heartleaf leaves, its sap, and mariner’s whitebark, which is boiled and prepared for a religious ritual that aims to ease the effects of Aberati corruption.   After the ritual, the individual afflicted with the corruption must drink or smoke heartleaf for the rest of their days to prevent the symptoms from returning. The purpose of the ritual is to weaken the corruption’s hold on whoever it has ensnared. Without it, regular consumption of heartleaf would have little effect on the symptoms.
Other Names
Lakeleaf tree
c. 55 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
3 - 5 meters
Geographic Distribution


Because of their usefulness, people in South Tellaiti, especially those around the Ielipati grassland, grow the plants in large impressive orchards. Such places are commonly referred to as redyards and they are a source of great wealth to many of the local lords in the region.   The leaves and sap of the redleaf have become a significant export for the merchants of the Republic of South Peolotei who operate in the area, running a sprawling trade empire that stretches far and beyond the borders of the empire.   Redyards are also commonly operated by members of the Hillenist and Orthodox clergy who grow the trees so that they may use their leaves to treat those who may need their help.
Organization | Mar 25, 2021

Abreanism is a divided monotheistic religion that is split between three major branches.


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25 Mar, 2021 12:33

Plant article!! Glad to see you finished it :D first of all reading your articles is always such a pleasure because damn that theme is just gorgeous. Second of all, while I'm not all that familiar with this world I love seeing how this plant ties in with so many aspects of the world, it really make it feel integrated and I love that!   The uses are really interesting too, and it comes off as such a realistic plant with the way you've described it. Awesome work!!

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Thanks changeling! It's probably a good thing that you aren't all too familiar with the world since I'm in the middle of rewriting a bunch of the old worldbuilding. Hopefully, as I update articles and finish writing about some of the core aspects of the world, you'll learn what you need to know.

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The way you have written this is just perfect, it's so clear and concise. As always, your use of the layout and the CSS is just such a pleasure (as thechangeling has also said!). The illustration fits the theme so well too. I'm not sure what else to say, really. Great work, Dhel!   Oh, just one thing actually! This sentence requires a small edit: "Only in the late 14th century, when a young girl had experimented with smoking different plants, were the joys of the lakeleaf were discovered." Just one of those 'were's needing pruning!

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Thank you, AP! I have eliminated that rogue "were" from the article. Well done catching that sneaky word there :D

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Nice article. You describe how the withdrawal feels. It would be nice to know if there is any special feeling when consuming the plant. Is it pleasurable or the opposite

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Thanks! I mentioned a bit of the effects that people feel in the first paragraph. It's definitely a pleasurable thing to consume. Since it makes the consumer feel a sense of hope and determination, they'll be more motivated to work and do whatever else needs doing. I'm not entirely sure on what the tea tastes like. Maybe something close to cowslip tea or something like that. Nothing too fancy but its the effects that matter. Besides, a bit of sugar or honey with a few slices of lemon can make any tea excellent.

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26 Mar, 2021 13:24

I believe that such things should be in a quote. Sense of hope and determination is quite vague. In my opinion you should add how an addict feels when consuming (specific physical sensations, emotional etc)

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Yaaay, you finished it! It's such an interesting plant - I like that it is a tree that is called a bush in its common name. The addictive nature is understandable if it makes you feel hopeful and determined. I almost wish I could try it in real life.   Love the quotes peppered throughout. They really bring the plant to life. :)   (Unrelated to your article, your sidebar menu thing is doing something weird.)

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Thanks for reading, Emy! I know the borked thing is borked. It used to be more borked and I tried fixing it but that didn't work and then at some point it became less borked and now I think my attempts to unbork it have left it borked so I'll try to unbork it again soon

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Great article! The layout is fantastic and the writing was concise. The withdrawal seems intense to go through so not sure if I would try it. The quotes throughout were a nice addition to the text. Nice read!

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Thanks for reading! I'm glad you like the layout and the words that I have slapped down on this page :D

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The redyards! I love it!! How do you do so well with naming things? :D Hallucinogenic leaf/sap drinks sound like a fun way to spice up daily life. How are the plant's psychotropic properties activated, so that everyone who's smoking leaves or drinking tea isn't affected?   (small correction on the addict quote: "A day without it is just too much to bare. " bare = bear)

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Thanks for the smol correction!   Everyone that drinks or smokes the leaf is always somewhat affected by the good and hopeful feels they get from it. The effects aren't too strong usually, just a small boost that helps people out, but having too much of it can be a problem, especially for those who are new to it and haven't started building up a tolerance.   The brew is stronger and shouldn't just be used recreationally all willy-nilly, but that requires other ingredients and not a lot of people know how to make it.   I hope that makes sense. If anything is unclear let me know

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Yay! A Dhel article! Really happy to see this, and great work on it :D As always you've got some masterfully clean formatting, and everything looks fantastic. The plant is really fascinating, and I love the description of the red leaves -- particularly the bit on Redyards. The addictive properties and subsequent withdrawals from not having it sound difficult!

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Thank you for all the nice words Stormbril!

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Hello! Congratulation for this article. To begin with, I have to say I like your CSS style. I also really like the artwork you used on on the sidebar!   As for the plant, it is a fairly realistic bush, and you worked very well on its uses and cultural impact. It is interesting to note how that one plant had quite a variety of potential uses.   You mentioned that the citrus scent is strongest in summer: wouldn't that simply be because it has some sort of fruit-like things, or some nectar, that would be of use for reproduction?

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Thanks for reading and commenting!   You're right about the fruit or nectar thing being the cause for the strong scent. I just didn't want to write about plant reproduction and so my goal was to focus on aspects of the plant that might come in handy when writing stories.

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Nice article! I love how clear the layout is and how easy to read it is. I like how integrated the plant is to your world culture and society and all the little details you've added about that to show how influential the plant is.   Here are a few reactions I had while reading:   I think you could add a tooltip to explain the meaning of "Entheogenic" since I had to look it up.   You have one mention of "lakeleaf" in the common use section. I presume you mean "heartleaf"?   I love people refusing the tea being seen as uncultured XD   I wasn't on clear on whether the tea is also addictive or if it's just the pipe. Do other countries also allow the use of this plant when smoked? What do other countries think of all this tea drinking? XD   You could give a bit more details of the rituals at the end as right now this feels a bit vague. Maybe in a tooltip or an extra article if you don't want that in this one.

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Thanks for reading and commenting! I added that tooltip. Hopefully it'll help people out a bit more. Lakeleaf is an alternative name for the plant. That part is mentioned in the sidebar, but I can see how that can be a bit confusing.   In my head both can be addictive. Maybe one is just slightly more addictive than the other. I doubt that consuming it would be illegal in many parts of the world, maybe only a few places out of concern that if they ran out of their heartleaf supplies, then withdrawal could cause problems, but most countries would consider it too useful to ban outright. Maybe there are some regulations though.   The ritual will probably be in its own article. I didn't want to cover that here since there's a whole separate WA template for ritual articles.

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Fab article which really shows the level of thought you put into each article to link everything so thoroughly! Always got to respect that.   On a weird trend due to what I'm doing at uni at the moment that I absolutely love when clergy/churches are landowners so I respect the Redyards having a use for everyone!

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Very nice reading! I believe that having some of this plant, wouldn't be bad either! I will consider using the hover system to improve the readability of my panels, which has always been a problem. You will never end learning, but reading in the right place can help a lot! This was a good place for it, for a lot of other reasons! Well done!

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Real nice styling, and scary that such an addicting plant has to be given to people to help keep them alive.

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Hey Mihkel! I appreciate the straight forward simplicity of how you've presented your plant (both in a presentation and literary sense). Your paragraphs are concise, your use of columns and boxes breaks the read up nicely, and even how you write your quotes achieves an effect in relatively few words. As someone with mental health challenges, the 'can be dangerous especially if relied upon for depression' really speaks to me. Oddly, the thought of having to drink/smoke heartleaf for my entire life to manage/cope with the Aberati corruption highlighted a personal fear I didn't realize I (still) have. Regardless, great article.

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