House Pentiwichen

Divine Right and Deep Roots

House Pentiwichen are the rulers of the Empire of Pallernia and Grand Duchy of Jegrim. They wield great influence in Southern Lethea and are believed to be blessed by the Goddess of the Abreanist religion, Abrea of Sentijk

With the power of God and steel, all of Lethea shall be forced to kneel.
— Emperor Ruprecht Pentiwichen, 1540


Aurtzkaen Castle

Aurtzkaen is a large and impressive castle that has served as the home for House Pentiwichen for over 700 years. It's located on a hill in Aurkustel, the great capital of the Empire of Pallernia. It lies east of the Pallern river and north of the Lenten ocean.

Tolmenpeg Castle

Tolmenpeg is a small castle located in Toffin, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Jegrim. The Pentiwichens seized the castle from their former inhabitants after Emperor Hans Pentiwichen subjugated their people and turned the country into a puppet state.


Rise to Power

The Pentiwichen dynasty was founded by a woman who was born in a small village somewhere in the Penti Fields. Her name was Tiyla and at an early age, her village was attacked and her parents brutally slaughtered. She survived only thanks to the help of a traveling hillenist sister. The sister took her to the capital of the Kingdom of Montilia, Alechtveer, and allowed her to grow up in one of the local litskirijk until she was old enough to work on her own.

After leaving the safety of the kirijk, she forged ahead, begging on the streets while trying to find employment; but she quickly began to notice that talking and persuading others were two of her stronger skills and made a career of begging instead. Being discontent with her lot in life, she made plans, giving spare money to the townsfolk and making herself known to the nobility of Alechtveer.

Montilian flag
Flag of Montilia
The exact details of Tiyla's rise to the throne of Montilia have remained unclear, but the record shows that when King Linus II of House Lotteritz died without an heir in 136 AA, the nobles elected Tiyla as their new queen. In general, the names of noble houses are drawn from their lands, cities, castles, or the birthplace of their dynasty, but all Tiyla knew about her past was that she had been born somewhere in the Penti Fields, so she chose to the name Pentiwichen for herself.
All hail her royal highness Tiyla of House Pentiwichen, Queen of Montilia.
— Coronation of Queen Tiyla Pentiwichen

A few years after her rise to power, she fabricated rumors of a great horde of mounted barbarians who were expanding their borders and preparing an invasion. Her ruse succeeded in convincing the kings of her neighboring countries to unite their armies under a the banner of a military alliance.
Pallernian flag
Flag of Pallernia

The kings of Worland, Hartilia, and Latsolia accepted Queen Tiyla's treaty, but within the next two months she had managed to overthrow her partners and during the next year's Victory Day, she declared herself Queen of Pallernia, a completely new country that she named after the ethnic Pallernians, a people who themselves were named after the river Pallern.

Queen Tiyla Pentiwichen kept ruling over her country until her death in 188 AA, after which she was officially declared the Saint of Beggars and her son, Erhard Pentiwichen, inherited the throne. By then Pallernia had already become a powerful state, the only other nearby country strong enough to oppose them being the Kingdom of Rustilia.

Map of the Pallernic region a year before the rise of House Pentiwichen

Current Situation

The Empire of Pallernia is possibly the strongest country in all of Lethea, but despite their large armies, natural resources, and the backing of the Hillenistic Church, the Pentiwichens and their ambitions have been halted.

Nearby countries have formed a bulwark against the Pallernic advances by forging military alliances. In the east, the Eastern Entente, an organization consisting of the Kingdom of Enlitica, the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia, and the small and mostly insignificant Empire of Dra'kn. In the north-east, a similar organization, but more focused on fighting against the Pentiwichen's religious beliefs called the Baglamist Security Union, was formed, and it's member states are the Aristocratic Republic of Rükenland and the Magocracy of Alminthas.

In response, Crown Prince Hans Pentiwichen signed a treaty with an enemy of their enemy, the Peasant's Republic of Aussel, and together they formed the Lipsig Treaty Organisation, a new alliance meant to disencourage future attacks from the Eastern Entente and the Baglamist Security Union.

If a war were to break out, many of Empress Sofia Pentiwichen's vassals might align with her enemies in hopes that they could win back their independence. The Pentiwichens know this and because of this threat, the new Empress of Pallernia has made internal affairs rather than expansion the public policy of her state.

Notable Members

Name Birth/Death Achievements
Saint Tiyla Pentiwichen 109 - 188 Founded House Pentiwichen and established the Kingdom of Pallernia
Emperor Ferten Pentiwichen 716 - 789 Formed a personal union with the Kingdom of Rustilia-Hardisle and established the Empire of Pallernia
Emperor Heinrich Pentiwichen 1477 - 1539 Conquered the Morphelian tribes and established the Kingdom of Morphel
Emperor Hans Pentiwichen 1528 - 1564 Subjucated the people of Jegrim and established a puppet government
Empress Sofia Pentiwichen 1548 - TBD Current head of the dynasty and Empress of Pallernia

Faith, Order, Prosperity

Country Pallernia, Jegrim
Founder Tiyla I, Queen of Pallernia
Current head Sofia II, Empress of Pallernia
Founding Date
136 AA
Geopolitical, Great house
Related Ethnicities
  • Emperor of Pallernia
  • King of Montilia
  • King of Worland
  • King of Hartilia
  • King of Latsolia
  • Grand Duke of Jegrim
  • Duke of Hartil
  • Duke of Westgap
  • Count of Aurkustel
  • Count of Ratte
  • Count of Abstel
  • Count of Toffin
Former Titles
  • King of Morphel
  • Count of Leussen

Divine Right

Every Pentiwichen descendant from Saint Tiyla has golden hair and golden eyes that have a slight glow to them. When a Pentiwichen dies, the golden color fades away and their natural, usually dark brown hair and hazel eyes, comes back. House Pentiwichen claims that this unique condition affects them because the spirit of the goddess Abrea lives in each of them, essentially giving them their divine right to rule, and when they die the spirit leaves the body.

Current Head of the Dynasty

Empress Sofia II of Pallernia
Empress Sofia II of Pallernia by Mihkel Rand
To make lemonade, we require lemons, but for that, we need internal stability!
Crown Princess Sofia of Pallernia, 1562 AA


House Herwick used to own land in the Empire of Pallernia back when they still called themselves House Herwichen, but when the empire began arresting mages, the Herwicks protested. When they learned that soldiers were on their way to arrest them and seize their lands, they fled the country, taking as many mages and other adventurous men and women with them.

Eventually, their band acquired weapons, armor, and a desire to settle down. Luckily for them, the Enlitic Kingdom, a nation of panedur that had been engaged in a civil war, was weak and vulnerable. The Herwicks exploited that weakness and established their own nation. However, this only worsened relations with House Pentiwichen.

Cover image: Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt


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