Hillenistic Church

The Hillenistic Church, also known as the Church of Saint Hillen, is the largest of Abreanist church in the world. The church is lead by the alstirsus (elder sister) in the Theocracy of Athe.

Hillenistic Interpretations of Abrea's Teachings

Mages possess powers that can devastate the world and so all mages have to confirm their loyalty and their ability to control their magic. Vitaemancers are considered too dangerous and they must be killed for the safety of the rest of the population.
Abrea is the Goddess of Mankind and worshipping others is heretical.
Only the alstirsus can interpret the messages of the Lady of the Lake.
The Amber Lady preached about being kind to others and so to spread kindness all forms of love between consenting adults who aren't related is allowed.

Hillenistic Kirijks

There are three types of religious buildings where people can go and worship Abrea, these buildings are called kirijks. Each kirijk is lead by a kirijksus.


A large building with a big public bathroom and multiple private baths for religious contemplation.


A large building where funeral ceremonies are held and where the dead are buried under.


A small building where people go to worship. Usually built in smaller settlements where wettkirijks and foarkirijks are unavailable.



The Alstirsus, or Elder Sister, is the head of the Hillenistic Church. Her duty is to guide the faithful and to call for new Divine Marches.


The Kirijksus, or Kirijk Sister, is the leader of her local place of worship. She gives orders to the Sisters and Brothers who serve under her and it's her duty to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Brothers and Sisters

The Brothers and Sisters of the Church of Saint Hillen are the charitable souls who organize ceremonies and events that are meant to bring hope, happiness, and kindness to the masses. Unlike with the higher positions, both men and women can serve as a Brother or Sister.


The humble Preacher is a man who shouts the word of the Lady of the Lake, who shouts the news both local and global, and who shouts about upcoming ceremonies, important deaths, births, or weddings. Only men have the right to serve as Preachers. The most notable Preacher in history was Saint Hillen, the prophet of Abrea who defeated the Invasion and ascended to serve beside the Goddess.
Founding Date
1 AA
Religious, Organised Religion
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