Hillenistic Calendar


The Hillenistic calendar was adopted by most of the surviving countries in Southern Lethea following the Explosion at Athe and the Invasion. Although countries like Sarala, Vivernia, and Helendriel never adopted Hillenism, they decided to adopt the new calendar system as a gesture of appreciation to all those who died in the First March.

Days of the Week

Each week has seven days.

  1. Mantav
  2. Tvetav
  3. Vontav
  4. Turtav
  5. Fentav
  6. Sestav
  7. Gurtav

Each week starts on a Mantav and ends on a Gurtav. Sestav's are traditionally the days when people clean their houses and when Saralians and Nehenians go to the sauna. Working on Sestav is generally considered strange unless the profession is of utmost importance and society can't function without those people working.

Months of the Year

There are twelve months and all months have thirty-five days.

  1. Tiylavar
  2. Tvenor
  3. Hillberis
  4. Atheus
  5. Fennor
  6. Sesnor
  7. Ilisiavar
  8. Abrealis
  9. Nivlayavar
  10. Tiennor
  11. Vernavar
  12. Tolnor

The year begins on the 1st of Tiylavar, the date when the Explosion of Athe happened and Saint Hillen died, ending the Invasion and the 1st Divine March. Many of the months are named after Hillenistic saints, for example, Tiylavar, Ilisiavar, Nivlayavar, and Vernavar. If a month ends with the suffix 'var', then the month was named after a saint. Months that end with 'nor' are named after numbers and if a month ends in 'is', then it was named after Abrea or Hillen.

Important Dates

  • 1st of Tiylavar - Victory Day
  • 5th of Tiylavar - Rebirth Day
  • 22nd of Atheus- Remorse Day
  • 14th of Fennor- Spring's End
  Victory Day
On the 1st of Tiylavar, folks all around Southern Lethea gather and celebrate. At around 6 PM, the largest pumpkin in the town, village, or household gets bashed by the participants of the Victory Day ceremony. The ceremony is for remembering all the good that happened during the previous year and for forgetting all of the bad.

Rebirth Day
On the 5th of Tiylavar, a large ceremony is held where people come together and burn a tall wooden sculpture of Saint Hillen. The ceremony is meant to celebrate the start of a new year and a new beginning. The ceremony is held by even those who aren't Hillensists, as a way of thanking the saint for his good deeds. Many Saralian Haltjanists believe that the spirits of their ancestors come to visit them during the night and so they leave food and kvass the table before going to bed.

Remorse Day
On the 22nd of Atheus, people from all across the Hillenistic world mourn the loss of the faithful legions who marched out to fight in the Second Divine March and never returned. People light tall candles in the evening, in hopes that the spirits of the lost soldiers could be guided back to civilization.

Spring's End
Spring's End is a holiday that celebrates the work that the peasantry does for the good of society. Nobles who honour this holiday invite farmers over to their homes and award them by either giving them something or by holding a small feast in their honour.

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