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Gandorf the Wise was a player character in a heavily homebrewed Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign. He was a giant amongst men, but his body was frail, incapable of lifting most heavy objects. What he lacked in strength, he made up in intelligence and wisdom, at least until a dragon caved his skull in, but he managed to get that minor medical condition fixed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Ga'néd'ohv (simplified: Gandorf) was born on the 1st of Atheus, 1087 AA in the village of Yav’abél, in the Autonomous Yinharian Province within the larger Lorgzilin Empire. He grew up with his younger brother Ga'na'dalv (simplified: Gandalf).  
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Blame the guy who played Gandorf for coming up with the simplified names.
  At a young age, Gandorf seemed far more mature than was normal for his age. With this maturity came wisdom and the respect of the other folks in his village. Seeing his naturally high wisdom as something that could help the village prosper, Gandorf decided to run for mayor. His opponent had been the previous mayor, who had ruled over the village for almost 200 years.

Running up to the election, Gandorf impressed the locals by displaying his healing talent and his skills with taming wild animals, meanwhile, the old major ended up in a scandal after his wife's had found him cheating with other women. The scandal along with Gandorf's skill with animals won him the election.

The first few years as major went smoothly. He found himself a wife, initiated a project to plant more trees, helped the local wildlife, and he began feeding the locals anti-Lorgzilian propaganda, as he feared that their orc overlords might take away their autonomy, and tear down their sacred forested homeland.

Personality Characteristics


Gandorf had ambitions to spread nature as far as he could. He believed in the survival of the fittest and didn't support public welfare

1088 AA 1567 AA 479 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died fighting an Air Elemental
Biological Sex
Brown green
White brown
2.64 m
126 kg


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